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Alabama Football '15: Better, Worse Or About The Same?

Of all the groups with more than a passing interest in the Tide, Vegas is certainly near the top of the list. Lucas sat down and answered some questions for the sharps.

That's a grown damned man.
That's a grown damned man.
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Alabama Football 2015 – Better, worse or about the same?

The Alabama offense will take a step back this year. Any offense that loses its starting quarterback, running back, three starting offensive lineman and record breaking wide receiver will take a step back. Even though Alabama is at the top of the recruiting boards year in and year out, those guys were special players who will be hard to replace.

Lucas drops a lot of good stuff in here. Drop by and then give us your #hot #takes.


If you're interested in handicapping (and I know you're not since parimutuel betting is clearly illegal in Alabama, wink wink) you can visit Saturday Edge here and follow them on Twitter at: @SaturdayEdge