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Five Things: Our Sit Down With "And The Valley Shook"

We sat down with LSU sister site, And The Valley Shook, to answer a few questions and explain that the Tide are actually in pretty good shape heading into the off-season.

Miss you already, Blake.
Miss you already, Blake.
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Spring Football Five Things: Alabama - And The Valley Shook

Alabama has an exceptionally unkind schedule. Starting with the first "half" of the season, Alabama faces seven bowl teams...

We sat down with ATVS to talk WR depth, how the secondary will fare, scheduling, and -- after Spring Camp, what the prognosis looks like for Alabama in 2015, among other topics. Pay them a visit, but be prepared for general snarkiness because getting your ass handed to you four straight times has that effect. as you would expect from an arch rival.

Also, free to enjoy Gary Danielson's recap of Alabama's dramatic 20-13 victory last season in Death Valley.