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Jumbo Package, Programming Notes & Pleading.

With baseball winding down, we say farewell to daily Jumbo Packages.

Yes, Golson fumbled on this play.
Yes, Golson fumbled on this play.
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Programming note

With gymnastics, football, basketball, soon-to-be baseball, and swimming/diving all concluded, we are left with intermittent track events and three weeks or so of softball. Accordingly, the JP will no longer be able to self-sustain on a daily basis. In its stead we will be doing quick hitters through the day to keep you current, as well as mini-JPs. When freshmen report and we get closer to football season, there will be a return of these larger articles.

The plea and proposition

As you know, and as some of you may even remember, SBN generally and RBR specifically were always interactive sites. This means that not only do we want your contribution in comments and the like, but also your Fanposts and Fanshots. Sure, the Mothership screwed up the layout, but we promise we personally review each and every one of these. Beginning next week, we're going to reinstitute the old "bump it to the front" policy, whereby better contributions are moved to the front page for everyone to see and read. Now's your chance to show the world what you got. If you've written something in the past, and you think it may have gotten overlooked but deserves a wider audience, send me the link personally ( or link it below in the comments. This is your place, folks and -believe it or not, you make a difference (as we shall discuss later today.) Now, on to a very substantive JP summer send-off


Florida hires Louisiana Tech's White to replace Donovan - Montgomery Alabama news.

"He is a winner who has a high level of integrity, plays an up-tempo style of play and has the respect of his peers and the basketball community. He has experience in coaching, recruiting and playing in the Southeastern Conference and has a strong pedigree. He has a certain authenticity with people and is not afraid of challenges."

This is verbatim what everyone on this site said when pushing for White to come to the Capstone. Lost in the nice words from Foley's presser is that 1. White was absolutely dirt cheap. This does matter, as UF is in the midst of building new facilities, with more planned. White's raise at La. Tech only brought him up to $600,000, far short of Billy D's $4m a year, and 2., White plays uptempo ball and has SEC experience to be sure, yet, for all his accolades and titles dominating a very weak WAC and CUSA, his Bulldogs never reached the NCAAs. The job may be too big, too quick for White.

Ex-Alabama coach Anthony Grant heading to NBA, report says |

Anthony Grant will go from coaching Levi Randolph and Rodney Cooper to working with NBA stars such as Russell Westbrook and possibly Kevin Durant. Grant will join Billy Donovan's staff with the Oklahoma City Thunder, reported Thursday night.

With the hiring of White, my Florida dream hire, Anthony Grant, is off the table. #Grantsketball will be making its debut with Coach D in OKC as Billy D and Grant will take one of the most entertaining offenses in the NBA and try to make them into a sluggish, defensive-minded Grizzlies knock-off (obligatory: Grit n' Grind, We Don't Bluff, Believe Memphis!)

Avery Johnson lists 3 things Alabama must improve before season starts |

"I want to play a lot faster," Johnson said. "I think it's important for us to play a lot faster. I want to increase the possessions of our games and not worry so much about the 35-second shot clock.

Speaking of tempo, these words -- as well as his comments on spacing and generally being aware of the game around you are sweet, sweet music to these ears. Casagrande even takes a shot at what we saw far too often: zero spacing, four dudes standing around, clock winding down, bad look and shot heaved up. I suspect that's NOT what the Johnson offense will look like.

Draftin' and 'Crootin'

How prepared is your college football team to replace its 2015 first-round pick? -

Amari Cooper...Expect a setback, but not much of one...Next man up: Probably Robert Foster. The Tide's X position looked to be between the 6'4 Cam Sims and 6'3 Foster heading into spring, but Sims tore his ACL in March. That leaves spring game star Foster as the favorite.

No one person can replace Amari Cooper, but the receiving corps as a whole are deeper, more athletic, and -dare I say- just plain better across the board than in 2014.

Alabama commit Christian Bell finished Hoover career with 11 state titles |

"I will tell you my secret to winning 11 state championships in high school," Bell said. "The secret is there is no secret. Work hard and listen to what your coaches tell you do to. That's the secret. Just hard work and go hard until you have nothing left. That's the weight room, class room and on the field. Period."

This story is in here for two reasons. First, the 6'4", 235lb defensive end (hmmmm, looks more like Jack to me) is coming to Alabama as a grayshirt. Second, I want to decant Bell's attitude and give it to every student-athlete on the Tide roster. Feeling a bit entitled? Wanna take a play off? Got a bad case of me-first? Try some Christian Bell today! Saban is going to love this kid. Hell, I already do.

Why Jalston Fowler was afraid he wouldn't get drafted, how Alabama legend helped |

The Titans took him with the ninth pick of the fourth round ― 108th overall. If there was a reason to believe, it was Tennessee running backs coach Sylvester Croom. The former Alabama player and assistant coach always had positive feedback for the Mobile product. "I talked to coach Croom and every time I saw him, he was like 'I'm trying my best to get you. I'm trying my best. I'm trying my best,'" Fowler said.

Fowler, ever-humble, feared he wouldn't be drafted. That's a shocking statement. Not as shocking as the Titans reaching for the big fella' in the 4th Round thanks to Alabama alum, Sylvester Croom, but still a shock. There's always room for a versatile fullback/h-back type in the NFL, and Whisenhunt's power offense is as good a place as any.


Softball Edges Out Georgia, 2-1, to Open SEC Tournament - ROLLTIDE.COM - University of Alabama Official Athletic Site

Starter Alexis Osorio (17-7) had a dominant outing in the circle, allowing just one unearned run on two hits with 12 strikeouts against one of the SEC's top power-hitting offenses.

The pitching was otherworldly, and just in time as the Tide's true season started yesterday. Related: We will have regional information and selection show information coming to you on Sunday.

Georgia governor signs 'Todd Gurley Bill' into law | FOX Sports

On Thursday, Georgia Governor Nathan Deal signed a law to prevent such a scenario from happening again. The “Todd Gurley Bill,” drafted by Georgia alum and Republican state representative Barry Fleming, makes it a crime with a maximum punishment of one year in prison to bribe college athletes with money to get them to break NCAA rules.

I've been too lazy to read the text of the statute, but I'd almost guarantee you this bad idea-made-flesh is incomprehensible, unconstitutional and unenforceable. Dollars to donuts, come election season '16, some unreconstructed buffoon in Alpharetta or Valdosta is going to trot this out as a legislative victory for his constituency.

Everett Golson transfer watch centers on SEC schools, despite tricky SEC rule -

SEC rules provide that a graduate transfer must not have any "official disciplinary issues" at his old school, otherwise a waiver must be granted. Golson had academic issues that led to his suspension in the fall of 2013.

Sure, Golson can probably get around the letter of the law; the SEC is very creative with interpreting rules. What Golson can't get around is that everyone has seen him play: and he is a turnover machine. Only Hugh Freeze would sign up for an All-Bad-Dr.-Bo...and I am beginning to suspect not even he is comfortable with Golson's turnovers. How bad were they? Well....

SEC is not right fit for turnover-prone Everett Golson | NCAA Football | Sporting News

You’re telling me Alabama coach Nick Saban — a coach who gets violently ill at the very thought of turnovers — is going to look at Golson and think he can win with the Tide? Golson had more turnovers last year than 85 FBS teams.

Yeah, that's about the size of it. Someone will sign the kid. That someone won't be Alabama.

SEC Cross-Division Schedule Breakdown - Team Speed Kills

The Bulldogs wound up with Alabama and Auburn, a pair of teams that will appear in far more preseason top tens than they won't. ... Unless I'm massively wrong about something somewhere—which is always possible—UGA stands alone with the toughest cross-division schedule.

Nice look at who benefits and losses with the rotation this year. Mizzou seems to be the clear winner while UGA, drawing UA and (f)AU, stand to lose the most. UGA, like Alabama, could be an 11-win team with an 8-win schedule.


Have a magic trick; everyone likes magic tricks.