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"Jumbo" Package: Such As It Is Version

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Not much going on in the collegiate sports world, save maybe the UAB announcement later today.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

SEC's Slive steps down amid record revenue, new conduct rule | College Football

Southeastern Conference Commissioner Mike Slive unexpectedly stepped down Friday, just minutes after announcing record revenue and a groundbreaking rule. Slive had been scheduled to officially retire July 31, but decided to hand the reins of the powerful league to Greg Sankey beginning Monday.

The SEC members owe Mike Slive a huge debt of gratitude. During his tenure, schools' academics improved, the rampant cheating and sanctions of the Kramer era were notably absent (or at least toned way down,) the conference's athletics profile improved beyond question, he helmed the launch of the SEC network, saw the most dominant decade of football by one conference in the modern era, he was an architect of the playoff, brought in eyeballs and money with league expansion...and everyone made a killing. It's hard to soft-sell Slive's achievements.

Softball's Season Ends in 5-3 Loss to LSU at Women's College World Series - ROLLTIDE.COM - University of Alabama Official Athletic Site

"I don't think a lot of people expected us to even make it past the Super Regionals," said Danae Hays, one of five Tide seniors on this year's team. "I think we exceeded a lot of expectations and I think this is definitely a season we can all be proud of. We left everything out there on that field and when we go home and lay our heads down, we can be proud of that."

A lot of inspirational quotes here, mainly. The biggest takeaway is what most knowledgeable observers already knew - this team overachieved in a big way, making it to the WCWS semifinals. Congratulations to Patrick Murphy and the players; that was an unexpected and enjoyable ride.

Another former Alabama player signs to play in Canadian Football League |

Former Alabama cornerback Deion Belue has joined the Edmonton Eskimos of the Canadian Football League. Belue was signed in time for Sunday's first practice of training camp. On the initial training-camp depth chart, Belue is listed as a second-team halfback.

Deion Belue had his NFL career cut short after a nagging back injury in 2013-2014. Here's hoping the lanky, athletic Belue gets it done in America's Hat.

NCAA bans 'overbuilt' facemasks, SEC adds 8th official and other rule changes for 2015 season |

Pulling or pushing a player off of a pileup is now an automatic unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.

There are many rules subject to overinterpretation and officiating overkill. Meet 2015's candidate, if you ask me. This is silly as hell. Pulling and pushing on, in, around, off the pile harkens back to the sport's origin - rugby.