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Jumbo Package: Judy Bonner Did Deontay Dirty Edition

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On the eve of Deontay Wilder's first title defense, and quasi-homecoming, we have the right to be disappointed with University administration.

Root, root, root for the home team.
Root, root, root for the home team.
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If this was your employee, you'd fire them for incompetency

Deontay Wilder feels spurned by Alabama regarding title fight venue |

Despite interest from Wilder and his management and promotional team, the university's lack of interest in hosting the bout at Coleman Coliseum originated with UA President Judy Bonner, who informed the athletic department in April that she had reservations about allowing Wilder's title defense to be held on UA's campus. Bonner notified the athletic department even before UA was contacted by representatives of Wilder or the Tuscaloosa Sports and Tourism Commission about potentially hosting the June 13 bout.

Tomorrow, Tuscaloosa's own Deontay Wilder makes the first defense of his WBC heavyweight championship. The fight will be held in Birmingham's Bartow Arena, the first heavyweight championship bout to be held in the state of Alabama. The Bronze Bomber wanted to fight at Coleman Coliseum, but was preemptively shut down by UA President Dr. Judy Bonner and the Alabama athletics department. Bonner made it clear, before Wilder's camp approached Alabama, that she was not interested in hosting this event, citing, among other things, gymnastics camps. UAB jumped at the opportunity, offering to move heaven and earth to host the fight - and accrue all the benefits that such a marquee event will generate.

For precisely no valid reason (aside from a superannuated "get off my lawn" mentality,) Bonner and others pissed away a tremendous PR event and financial boon to the city and campus. Worse, Alabama treated Deontay quite poorly. Wilder has always talked up the city (he still lives in Tuscaloosa and trains in Northport -- he can be seen eating a filet at Nick's easier than you can catch his highlights on ESPN.) And Wilder has always repped the University of Alabama (taking time out of his schedule to attend, appear at, and promote Alabama athletics. Hell, his attire entering the ring is a University of Alabama hat.) Wilder offered free global publicity for a sleepy southern city and a university with expansionary ambitions. But, Dr. Bonner and others didn't think it was necessary to even seriously consider letting a fight happen on campus. This was a decision too big for one person to make, much less to make with the consideration one gives to their pizza toppings - and she didn't just drop the ball: she shanked it, deflated it, set it on fire, and buried it in the deepest recesses of a landfill.

Tommy Deas has a fantastic, infuriating story above. If you've not read it, please do so. Perhaps one day a younger, more forward-thinking administration (or, hell, one that just wants a free ad buy in 200 nations) will give back to a local boy who has done his best to do right by his hometown and to his hometown university. Make this happen, Alabama.

Evan Mathis released: Eagles cut ties with veteran guard - Bleeding Green Nation

By releasing the veteran guard, the Eagles are losing a player with two Pro Bowl appearances, an All-Pro selection and 56 starts over the last four seasons.

Arguably incompetent, as the waiver was after the draft and OTAs (and the fact that Mathis is really, really good,) is the Eagles' release of Evan Mathis. Eagles fans are ambivalent. Many have reconciled themselves for the past two seasons that Mathis is a goner (apparently, he and Chip clash awfully and Mathis' presence is an alleged "locker room cancer".) Others cite the salary demands of Mathis as unreasonable. Yet others are furious, because Mathis has been a model player and arguably one of the more visible identities of the Eagles. I just find it odd, because Mathis is a physical guard with great pass blocking skills and still has 7-8 great years ahead of him. Any way you slice it, it was an odd waiver with weird timing.

Home of Champions

NCAA Outdoor Track and Field Championships Day Two; Burks Wins High Jump - ROLLTIDE.COM - University of Alabama Official Athletic Site

Quanesha Burks (Hartselle, Alabama) became the Crimson Tide's first women's NCAA champion in a jumping event since 1989 by winning the women's long jump with a wind-aided best of 22 feet, 8 inches (6.91 meters) on her fifth attempt of the six-round final on Thursday at the 2015 NCAA Outdoor Track & Field Championships.

On Tuesday's Jumbo Package I stated that Quanesha Burks, the No. 1 long-jumper in the nation (and 4th seed in the world,) is the clear star of Alabama's track and field. She did not disappoint, as Burks won Alabama's first NCAA jump event in 26 years and is your National Champion in the event. Our congratulations to you and Roll Tide, Quanesha.

Shenanigans in the Rust Belt

Notebook: Kelly considered bringing in grad transfer QB of his own to ND - Notre Dame Insider: Notre Dame Football

"I think we recognized that all of my football players are at-risk — all of them — really. Honestly, I don’t know that any of our players would get into the school by themselves right now with the academic standards the way they are. Maybe one or two of our players that are on scholarship."

Some will applaud Kelly's courage in saying that his players are essentially not qualified to enter Notre Dame. I call it "finally recognizing the lies of Notre Dame fans, who have long maintained that the Irish have the same standards for all students." That's clearly bunk; you're not Stanford. The Irish may as well be Southern Miss, but far too close to Gary, Indiana for comfort. FWIW, I despise Notre Dame with the intensity of an infinity of supermassive black holes collapsing upon themselves and spawning an infinity of butt-stank multiverses.

Jim Tressel to enter Ohio State Athletics Hall of Fame | CollegeFootballTalk

Considering he’s six months from induction into the national College Football Hall of Fame, it makes perfect sense that Jim Tressel would be in Ohio State’s Athletics Hall of Fame. And considering the way he left Ohio State, it would also make perfect sense – in another universe – that the Sweater Vest would never be associated with all things scarlet and gray for the rest of his time on this mortal coil.

The ethically-flawless warrior poets of the Big Ten celebrate another shining moment in moral wisdom by inducting a person with an order to show cause (for cheating) into the OSU hall of fame. But, yeah, SEC CHEATIN', PAWWWWL!


Derek Carr after finally getting to throw to Amari Cooper: 'Oh, my goodness' |

"Oh, my goodness! It was nice to get out there and to see just how quick he is out of his breaks," Carr said during a press conference this week about throwing to Cooper. "There was one ball that I put on this side of his facemask instead of the front and led him. It would have been a big play."

Guys, the apocalypse may be upon us. Amari Cooper is so good that even a Carr brother will look competent.

Top 25 conference games for 2015: Iron Bowl still on top? | Sporting News

Good list in here. I'd still put Alabama-LSU as the biggest game though. FWIW, I disagree with any conference game featuring Ohio State as being a "big one." Only Sparty is in the Buckeyes' weight class at the moment, and even then Michigan State is a distant second. Penn State is still rebuilding and Michigan isn't going to be "Buckeye competitive" for another year or two. We're not even going to talk about the West, where a rebuilding Badgers team may still be the best hope there. And, even when the Badgers were "loaded," the Buckeyes shelled Wisconsin 58-0 in last season's B1G title game.

Oneonta linebacker Riley Cole commits to Alabama, calls it 'dream come true' |

"Coach (Nick) Saban said that they really liked the way that I performed at camp and they really loved my film and they offered me a scholarship," Cole said. "I took advantage of it and went ahead and committed." The 6-foot-3, 210-pound Cole is a three-star recruit on composite. He had offers from Wake Forest and South Alabama prior to receiving his Alabama offer.

This is in here for two reasons. The obvious is that it's 'crootin news. The second is that this is exactly how recruiting is meant to be carried out during the camp/quiet period. Schools host a camp on their campus (or within 50 miles,) teach 'em up, coach 'em up, and then, if they so choose, offer scholarships. Coaching staffs do not, or are not meant to, hypothetically travel 791.2 miles along Interstates 65 / 75 to hypothetically meet with a player that they've hypothetically told to show up at a random high school that may or may not be 20 miles outside of a state capitol that is removed from even your own conference's geographic footprint.

Finally: Defend your town!

10 worst places in Alabama (according to website that's probably wrong): Wake Up Call |

Here are the site's worst 10 places to live in Alabama, according to Homesnacks.

  • Gadsden
  • Prichard
  • Bessemer
  • Anniston
  • Atmore
  • Selma
  • Talladega
  • Fort Payne
  • Eufaula
  • Phenix City

Defend your town if you do live, or have lived, in any of these places. My stepdad managed state parks, so I lived in three of these places. I adored Fort Payne. Eufala was a font of sadness. And, Decatur -- man, I'm not even sure why Decatur exists. This list is woefully incomplete, however, without Montgomery, Cullman or Jasper, IMO.