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Burton Burns Reminds Recruits The Road To The NFL Begins With The Script "A."

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As Michigan-Ohio State continue their social media flame war, Coach Burton Burns drops a truth-bomb on them both, reminding recruits that Alabama gets you to the NFL no matter your role on the team.

Forget the B1G pissing match; here's what you want.
Forget the B1G pissing match; here's what you want.
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Michigan-Ohio State, much like Alabama-Auburn, rarely cease feuding. And, like most bitter rivals, the offseason sees some of their sillier tiffs erupt, like the shade tossed at OSU's Zach Smith by Michigan WR Coach Jedd Fisch.

As with so much of UM's trash-talking these days, Fisch's haterade started with a flyer:

Stupid Fisch

Clearly, the shots fired on this one were to impress recruits and their parents -- particularly those players that have NFL aspirations and potential. Ohio State's Zach Smith decided that two can play the "hey, be impresed game" for recruits when he flashed his bling to Fisch and 'croot Twitter: The clear intimation being "well, do you want to win a championship, kid?"

That's when Alabama running back coach, Burton Burns stepped to the mic to remind all the recruits in Blue-Chip land that, if you want to get to the league, and win a championship, ignore the Maize and Blue or the Scarlet and Gray: your future begins with a Script A.

As, Coach Burns could tell Jedd Fisch, in his eight seasons at Alabama, he has coached a Heisman winner (the school's first,) a Heisman finalist and Top 3 Draft Pick, seven backs that have exceeded 1000 yards, four All-Americans, six All-SEC performers, the NFL's Offensive Rookie of the Year, and two Pro-Bowlers. More impressively, every starting running back at Alabama that he has coached has gone on to the NFL, being drafted no lower than the second round.

After he gets done explaining those stats, Coach Burns could then tell look to the Zach Smiths of the world and flash his three National Championship rings and three SEC titles.

Instead, Coach Burns got his point across with a lot less braggadocio and a lot fewer words.

Assistant's tweet shows Alabama's ability to put players in NFL -

Alabama played Michigan in the 2012 season-opener, and at one point in that game the Crimson Tide had 11 offensive players on the field who currently are on NFL rosters. Tide running backs coach Burton Burns wants to make sure everyone knew that.

This was absolutely perfect: No one called out, no gaudy ring-flashing or bling -- he just sold Alabama as a team with the surest shot to get you to the next level, no matter the position - and the name brands and titles speak for themselves. The only concession to good old-fashioned trash-talking Coach Burns made was the choice of opponent to illustrate his point - the Michigan Wolverines.