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Alabama, FSU to Open 2017 Season in Atlanta

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This should be fun...

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

College football fans who have been clamoring for more marquee out-of-conference matchups will be getting their wish in a big way:

This game will not only feature the #1 and #3 ranked 2015 recruiting classes entering their third collegiate seasons, it is also very likely to be the first game played in Atlanta's brand new answer to Jerry World that spares no excess.

Obviously we don't know how the recruiting classes will pan out, but this is a game that probably never gets scheduled before the college playoff since the committee is clearly placing a greater emphasis on strength of schedule (sorry, Art. Travel distance is still not among the playoff criteria.) If this type of matchup becomes more of the rule than the exception, the sport and college football fans will be better for it. This is going to be fun.