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Evan Mathis, The Best Guard In Football, May Just Cost Too Much

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Anywhere between 8-10 teams want Evan Mathis. A few poo-poo his age. But it's not the calendar that's delaying a signing -- it's that he's worth more than he's been offered.

Jeffrey G. Pittenger-USA TODAY Sports

Evan Mathis: I'll listen to the age talk when I lose a step -

"My body of work was limited last year due to the injury," he told Farrar. "I'm very much ready to come back strong for an entire season and have my best year yet. I'll listen to the age talk when I lose a step."

Mathis seems to be echoing the SPARQ/PFF numbers on this one -- he is objectively the most athletic player at his position in the game, despite his age.

Bills interested in Evan Mathis; is Mathis interested in Buffalo? - Buffalo Rumblings

Mathis was released by a team that was going to pay him $5.5 million in base salary, for the record. He wanted more. If he still wants more, he's not going to receive it from the Bills - but if he's up for settling for a bit less, while playing for a popular coach and blocking for his former Eagles teammate, LeSean McCoy, then maybe things will be able to escalate beyond the sniffing stage.

As a Bills fan, this one stings. LeSean McCoy could use this guy, and Rex Ryan would love him.

Former Eagles guard Evan Mathis grades his own tape - NFL -

“Evan Mathis has been a guy PFF has championed for years, right back to his time as a backup guard with the Bengals,” PFF's Sam Monson told me via email. “Why? Because he has never done anything other than play excellent football. When he was locked in an unusual rotating position with the Bengals, he consistently out-graded the starter, Nate Livings. When he finally got his shot to start in Philadelphia, he set about playing like the best guard in football.

Absolutely fantastic article. Watch Mathis grade his own film, confess to missed assignments, explain schemes and the like.

Evan Mathis rumors have 10 teams involved in chase - The Phinsider

Evan Mathis signing with the Miami Dolphins seems to be a perfect solution to the team's need to upgrade the offensive line, an upgrade that would bring a two-time Pro Bowl guard to South Florida. The only problem seems to be, the Dolphins are not the only team interested in landing Mathis, who was released by the Philadelphia Eagles last week.

The Fish could use Mathis, certainly. But, with a pass-friendly offense, Miami may not be the best fit for the versatile Mathis.

Rise 'n Grind: The race to sign Evan Mathis -

Chip Kelly's tough love lesson could be your team's best offseason move.

A breakdown of the major contenders for Mathis.