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Alabama Football Assistants Earn Raises, Except For Lane Kiffin.

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...except for Lane Kiffin, for reasons we shall discuss.

$1.5 million goes a long way in small city Alabama.
$1.5 million goes a long way in small city Alabama.
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The Alabama board of Trustees met yesterday to sign off on raises for assistant football coaches, as well as sign the initial deals for Coaches Tucker and Lupoi.

Details of pay raises for Alabama football assistant coaches |

Initial employment deals with new coaches Mel Tucker and Tosh Lupoi were also approved in a Tuesday meeting of the UA board of trustees compensation committee. Defensive coordinator Kirby Smart remains the highest paid assistant with his salary moving to $1.5 million from $1.35 million. An additional year was added to leave three years on his contract.

Kirby got yet another raise, despite diminishing returns in pass defense and generating turnovers, raising his salary to $1.5m a year. At this point, with three more years on his deal, you have to think he's not being paid for his overall excellent schemes and recruiting prowess, so much as a determination to keep him in Tuscaloosa. That may point to a transition when Saban retires. Or not.

Also in the article, S&C coach Scott Cochran's salary hit $420,000, while running backs coach, Burton Burns is nearing that number. They are still grossly underpaid for their demonstrable 8-year track record, IMO.

Seemingly of import was who did not get a raise, Coach Lane Kiffin. But, fear not, it wasn't nefarious or a monetary incentive to run the dang ball.

Why Lane Kiffin didn't get a raise along with other Alabama assistants |

When asked for the reason Lane Kiffin didn't get a raise, the university answered quickly with a prepared statement. "Due to his former relationship with USC, Kiffin is in a unique situation that does not require an amendment to his original contract with UA," read the statement from university spokesperson Deborah Lane.

In other words, Kiffin is still being paid under his buyout with USC, thought to be $3.8m/year. Any salary Alabama pays Kiffin offsets that buyout. Therefore, you pay the man for his great work, but let USC bear the brunt of the salary hit -- because, his salary is going to be capped at $3.8/m from all sources anyway. For Coach Kiffin to make more than $3.8m, then he is going to have to leave for another head coaching job (which, I can easily see him doing, and earning that kind of cash, in a cosmopolitan, talent-rich place like Miami.)

In any event, he's still picking up the tab if I see him in Tuscaloosa.