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Alabama Favored In All But One Game In 2015

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But, that doesn't mean the point spreads make any sense.

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Point spreads for 9 Alabama games released; Tide favored in 8 |

The Crimson Tide is favored in eight of those nine. The lone exception, an Oct. 3 trip to Georgia, is listed as a pick 'em, according to the list published on ESPN's website. If that held, it would break the streak of the Tide being favored in every game it's played since the 2009 SEC Championship Game.

Alabama is not the underdog in that UGA tilt, rather the game is a pick'em, putting the Tide at three, three-and-a-half point favorites on a neutral or home surface. There's no way this line stays a pick, though. Depending on quarterback play early in the season, one team is going to be the favorite heading into the October 5 game. And, my guess is Alabama will be the favorite, owing to a sound victory over Wisconsin.

Speaking of...

Other interesting lines include Wisconsin, where Alabama is a 10-point favorite to open the season. I have no problem with this spread, frankly. Paul Chryst was underwhelming at Pitt, and Wisconsin's strength (power running) is going to have slow going against the nation's best front seven. This is a game that will likely scare people off owing to the Tide's personnel losses, but I think it will be easily covered -- somewhere in the neighborhood of 31-13. The other interesting line is Alabama -9.5, hosting Ole Miss. I'm not sure at this stage where Alabama is going to get the points to cover two scores versus the Rebels, particularly if Kelly is what we think he can become and if Ole Miss is healthy entering that one. For now, a 17-13 type game seems far more likely than 20-10, 24-10.

Two months away, folks and Vegas is starting to set the table.