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Return of the RBR Mailbag: You've Got Nothing Better To Do.

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You've questions; we've got answers. We're like the Home Depot, but not overpriced and without the added rainforest devastation.

Why are these microphones so damned cluttered?
Why are these microphones so damned cluttered?
Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

We are deep in the offseason, but there are tons of questions you have, especially with an uncertain football season awaiting us and a revamped Alabama basketball team helmed by the infectiously upbeat Avery Johnson. There is a wealth of other Alabama athletics topics to cover too: Alabama move to Div. One of ACHA hockey competition; does Pat Murphy have some bats to bail out Sidney Littlejohn and Alexis Osorio; will a new stadium help offset some personnel losses for Mitch Gaspard's baseball team, etc.

Now's your time to chime in: Comment below, shoot us an email at the Roll Bama Roll main email account, tweet us at @rollbamaroll or hit up our Facebook page with your questions. We'll get to them when we have enough to answer.

In the meanwhile, we have a question for you: What would you like to see more of. Again, feel free to contact us in any of the above fora. While we wait, please enjoy this replay of the 2012 National Championship game between Alabama and Notre Dame.