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Inside The Play: Blake Sims' Perfect Zone Read Versus Texas A&M

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In this week's installment, Coach Kyle breaks down Blake Sims' perfect decision-making and execution of a standard zone read option keeper versus the Texas A&M Aggies.

Ankles don't bend that way.
Ankles don't bend that way.
Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Aggies fans: Your bad news here is as bad as you think -- the defense was that bad last season, as shown versus this most elementary play in the modern option offense.

Alabama fans: Your good news here is as good as you think - the Tide, far from being a plodding, Byzantine offense is actually as protean as they come. Lane Kiffin installed this play into last year's playbook  -- it truly is the most elementary play in the option offense -- and Alabama executed it perfectly.

The only thing that's going to possibly frustrate you is watching Blake Sims, seeing how dangerous he could have potentially been with more carries, and then realizing how comparatively few touches he actually got (83 attempts for 350 yards, 7 TDs.)