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Inside The Play: An Xs and Os Tribute To Kenny Stabler

In this edition, Coach Kyle takes a look at some of Kenny Stabler's finest moments in college and pros. Thanks to our friends at Silver and Black Pride, who interviewed the legendary HoF coach, we also have some John Madden quotes discussing drafting Stabler and the injuries that got Snake's career off to a slow start.

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Today, we have a special extended "Inside The Play" for you in honor of Kenny Stabler. Also, our friends at Silver and Black Pride were kind enough to send us some never-seen John Madden quotes they obtained during an interview with the legend on Friday

In this edition of "Inside the Play," the video is roughly broken down into two halves: The first 00:00' - 7:00' takes a look at Stabler's famous plays in Crimson and White, including his first snap at Alabama, and his last regular season game - an Iron Bowl victory with the Run in the Mud.

Q: Did you ever come to Alabama to visit with Coach Bryant to talk about Ken?
Madden: “Yeah I talked to Coach Bryant about him a lot. I had the greatest respect for Bear Bryant and his quarterbacks. I had George Blanda, who played for Coach Bryant at Kentucky. George would always talk about Coach Bryant, this and that. He was a well-disciplined, well-trained quarterback. Then I had great respect for Joe Namath. I thought, if we can get a quarterback that’s like George Blanda and like Joe Namath on our team, that’s going to be a pretty good deal. Eventually, we did.”
The second half of the video, 7:00' - 14.30', features some of Kenny's career-defining moments with the Raiders: an NFL reprise of the "run in the mud" in 1972 that should have won the AFC Championship, the Sea of Hands pass, and the perfect throws that made up the win in the "Ghost To The Post."
Q: You were with the organization when they drafted Ken. Can you remember the circumstances?
Madden: “Yeah I do. It was ironic. We drafted another quarterback in the first round, Edlridge Dickey. We were kind of choosing between the two. We had Kenny Stabler rated as the number one pick. So, we took Eldridge Dickey from Tennessee State and then in the next round, the second round, and Kenny Stabler is still there. So we said he’s too good of a player to leave on the board in the second round so we took him. We ended up with two of them. What we didn’t know, and scouting back then isn’t what it is today, is that he had injured his knee and that he needed surgery. We brought him in and then he had to have the surgery so he missed that whole first year. He missed the second year so he really didn’t start playing for the Raiders until the third year that we drafted him.”


The entire John Madden interview is available over at Silver and Black Pride. Drop by, say hi, give it a read.