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Jumbo Package: Who Needs A Fulmer Cup When You've Got A Federal Investigation?

Offseason malaise continues

A (very suspended) Von Pearson is but one of the Vols' headaches
A (very suspended) Von Pearson is but one of the Vols' headaches
Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Not much going on, but have at it.

Hugh Freeze addresses Laremy Tunsil situation - SEC Blog - ESPN

"We will fully cooperate with whoever wants whatever process is going on," Freeze said. "I don't know anything. No one has talked to me, but I do know that I'm confident in who we are and how we do things, and I'm confident in the person that Laremy is. Obviously, there are things in this world that I can't control. I can control what happens with our staff in our building and all of that, but everything else, I really can't control.

This is not the most optimistic defense of Tunsil you'll ever see. When your default response is meant to stave off accusations of lack of institutional control? Woof.

Federal investigation into Tennessee sexual assault complaints launched -

No fewer than six members of Tennessee's 2014 football roster have been accused of sexual violence, per the Tennesseean. Those players include former Volunteer A.J. Johnson and Michael Williams, indicted by a grand jury this past February on sexual assault charges dating to last November; wide receiver Von Pearson, suspended after being named a rape suspect in April; former defensive back Riyahd Jones, who completed his career in January and was named a suspect in a February incident; running back Marlin Lane, who was briefly suspended in April 2013 after being named a suspect in an alleged rape in Lane's dorm room (the alleged victim later declined to press charges); and an unnamed Volunteer named in a sexual assault complaint filed with university officials last September.

If you thought that Ole Miss was facing the most scrutiny in the league, you are sadly mistaken. Tennessee's notorious laissez faire discipline is again coming back to bite them in rear-end, as at least six Vols have been implicated in sexual assaults. The handling of those accusations is now the subject of a Title IX / Civil Rights investigation (much like Winston's investigation at FSU.) Sooner or later a school is going to get hammered on this one. Leave your best guess below.

Kenyan Drake ready to ignite Alabama offense - SEC Blog - ESPN

"Once you get back on the field, it’s almost second nature. You’re just back there running again." The fear of re-injurying it? Well, if Drake feels it, his teammates haven't noticed. "I don’t see the fear in his eye," Kelly said. "I see a full-on attack like he’s always been."

Very nice, kind of long-ish read on Drake's injury, his rehab, and his place in the offense. It's hard to believe that it was just nine months ago we saw that horrific injury unfold live. Interestingly, the last paragraph seems to intimate that Drake either once came close to leaving the program or was planning on going to the pros. It is phrased indefinitely.

Judge approves NCAA video game settlements to pay players -

On Thursday, U.S. District Judge Claudia Wilken orally approved a combined $60 million settlement that ended claims against video-game manufacturer Electronic Arts, Collegiate Licensing Company and the NCAA over the use of players' names, images and likenesses in video games. Rob Carey and Steve Berman, two attorneys for the plaintiffs, confirmed Wilken's decision after a hearing Thursday in California. At the moment, the maximum amount a player could receive from the settlements is about $7,200.

Woo Hoo! Get paid, "Alabama WR 9." I have no problem with this suit on its face. Likeness rights can and should be separate from other amateurism issues. And, with Arizona and UCLA already licensing themselves for NBA2K16, it appears as though it's only a matter of time before we get a return of college-themed console games.

Check out Amari Cooper's footwork as he prepares for his first NFL training camp |

Cooper doesn't appear to have allow the offseason praise heaped on him from hindering his preparations for his first pro training camp. This week, he posted a portion of one of his workouts on Instagram.

Speaking of "Alabama WR 9," check out Coop's Instagram workout videos; so fluid, he makes everything look easy. Miss you already, Amari.

SEC Media Picks Alabama, Georgia to Win Divisions, Auburn to Win Crown - Team Speed Kills

Georgia is unsurprisingly the heavy East favorite, and the Bulldogs were the only team besides the Alabama schools to receive double digit conference crown predictions.

Georgia and Auburn, eh? Guess I'll go ahead an pencil in Missouri-LSU for the title game. The media never gets this right. Ever.

SEC Network is adding a cool new show this fall

"SEC Inside" will take viewers behind the curtain of one SEC football game per week, with cameras capturing pre-game preparation, sideline action during the game and inside the locker room after the game. "The show will deliver unique perspectives in a highly produced cinematic style," ESPN senior vice president of college networks production Stephanie Druley told "New camera angles are supported by previously unheard sounds from the coaches and players on game day. The combination creates a more complete picture of the game, and compelling television."

This is as close to Hard Knocks as we're apt to get on the college level. I'm really stoked about watching this. The coaching staffs will have heavy input on what eventually is broadcast, so trade secrets and processes and drama are likely to be nonexistent. Expect the league's savvier staffs to use this as another recruiting tool.

The Shittiest Deals of Amazon Prime Day

a lot of the discounts look like they fell off a truck headed to a poorly regulated flea market for sad people held in a dumpster.

Finally, take a look at the "deal" that Amazon Prime tried to pawn off on the American public this past Wednesday. Hey, who doesn't need a two-pack of balaclavas?