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He's Baaaaaaack: Braxton Miller To "Announce Immediate Plans"

You know I'm in the tank for this kid. What's the worst that could happen by bringing him in to compete or having pre-packaged plays and sets?

Gotta think there are a few hundred more snaps left in that body.
Gotta think there are a few hundred more snaps left in that body.
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Oh, ho! Just when you thought it was safe to cruise the national scene again, Braxton Miller rears his head up. It seems that whole "I'm staying at Ohio State" thing lasted as long as it took for Dr. James Andrews to give him the greenlight.

Then again, it could very well be the case that his "immediate plans" are to stay a Buckeye and move to wide receiver. For a two-time B1G Player of the Year and a Heisman candidate just a year ago, though, you have to think he still has something to prove.

I, for one, would welcome his athleticism and veteran play (Note: Not anoint him the starter upon transfer, but let him compete for a spot.) If he can beat out Coker and Cornwell, then Alabama is better for his presence. And, even if he cannot, competition only makes the eventual starter better.

Braxton Miller will announce 'immediate plans' next week

Following a "successful" checkup with orthopedic surgeon Dr. James Andrews, Braxton Miller is saying that he'll make an announcement about where he'll play the 2015 college football season next week. Miller has graduated from Ohio State, so he would be eligible to play immediately at any FBS school that will take him.