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Rolando In Trouble...Again.

Can we blame this one on Decatur? I think Decatur has something to do with it.

Pic related
Pic related
Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Here we go again, the oft-retired, oft-disciplined, supremely-talented Rolando McClain is in trouble again. This time for "violation of the League's substance abuse policy."

Just say it, guys. Weed. He likes weed. He's about to smoke himself right out of the league, though, joining Ricky Williams and Josh Gordon at George Clinton's Funkadelic commune.

Cowboys' Rolando McClain suspended four games -

The Dallas Cowboys will be without linebacker Rolando McClain for the first four games of the season, the NFL announced on Thursday. Play NFL Fantasy Football! McClain was found in violation of the league's policy against substances of abuse.

"I apologize to my family, the Cowboys organization, my teammates and Cowboys fans for my mistake," McClain said in a statement via the NFL Players Association. "I will not break the rules of my profession in the future, and I regret my error. I look forward to returning to the field on week 5, when I hope to help my team beat the Patriots."