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Speed To Burn: RB Xavian Marks Signs With Tide

The second fastest man in Texas 5A commits to the Tide

Welcome to the Capstone.
Welcome to the Capstone.

Ed. It is important, as CB notes below, to keep in mind that both Marx brothers have not just committed; in Xavian's case, he has signed his LOI. The brothers will be on campus this fall.


Esss Eeee Ceee Speeeeeeeeeeed.

Per 247 Sports

Marks, a three-star prospect, confirmed with BamaOnline that he has received a football scholarship to attend Alabama and will also run track.

"I've been working with Jody Wright," Marks said. "It feels real good. I went down there this summer, and I actually really like everything. I like how everybody works hard and is really into it. They don't play around. They like to joke sometimes, but it's just a team thing.

"When I was visiting the school I saw the weight room and that caught my eye."

Marks, a one-time New Mexico State commit, has been working with Alabama’s Director of Player Personnel Jody Wright in recent days to get the logistics worked out.

The kid has some serious speed, running a 10.39/100 meters. That is Olympic stuff. Marks will play for the Tide and also compete with Bama's ever-improving Track & Field team.

His brother Torin will be a preferred walk-on with the Tide as well. Torin is a DB with pretty good measurables (5'11, 179.) Lord knows depth and competition at corner won't kill us.

Watch the video and drool.