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Jumbo Package: Unlikely Source Agrees, "Nick Saban Is Right."

Nick Saban apparently has to do all the heavy-lifting in this conference, approaching topics for which he will get criticism, but for which his peers generally agree.

The Big Ten boys have to keep this division on their toes.
The Big Ten boys have to keep this division on their toes.
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Let's get this out of the way. The timing is a distraction. Period. However, once the whistle sounds, it doesn't matter. Still, as any coach (and Miles and Saban love this quote) will tell you, "you play like you practice."

We may be mortal enemies with a certain bunch of inebriated malcontents, but every year LSU gets as much, and loses as much, top flight talent as Alabama. I'm sure Les Miles and Nick Saban would love to focus on the Xs and Os on game week rather than nurse players through career counseling. That can come later, especially given that the draft grades are released entirely capriciously. Hell, NFL, you get a free minor league farm system, throw the NCAA a bone on this one.

'I agree with him,' Les Miles says of Nick Saban's NFL draft suggestions |

Similar to Alabama coach Nick Saban, LSU's Les Miles typically has to go through the same process around Christmas each year, meeting with several of his top players to discuss feedback provided to them by the NFL's Draft Advisory Committee. While Miles told reporters that he hasn't seen LSU underclassmen distracted by the decision-making process of whether to declare for the draft, the Tigers' coach said he agrees with Saban that moving back the NFL's underclassmen decision deadlines would be beneficial.

Well, that's just dumb.

Mississippi State just needed another drive to beat Alabama, Dak Prescott says |

In retrospect, Mississippi State players and coach Dan Mullen see what went wrong. New to the pedestal, there were a few mental mistakes in the approach to the game. A slow start ultimately created a hole it couldn't fill "Losing by five right there at the end of the game," quarterback Dak Prescott said at SEC Media Days last week in Hoover. "Another minute or another drive on offense and I think we win that game."

Alabama controlled that game from start to finish, and played soft in the waning five minutes to avoid a cheap, quick score. Mullen and Dax are simply lying to themselves on this one. The Bulldogs played to lose close in the 4th quarter to preserve their playoff positioning.

Speaking of dumb...

UAB to resume playing football in 2017 | College Football

"I am so excited that UAB football will return to FBS competition in 2017," said Blazers football coach Bill Clark, whose current contract runs through 2016. "Like our fans, I wanted to light the scoreboard much sooner, but doing it right is more important than doing it fast, and this was our best option. "We want a program that is here to stay."

Want a program built to last in a city that gives not one whit about the Blazers? Build a multipurpose facility (soccer/football,) play in the FCS or Div. II, expect modest attendance and enjoy modest success. Not everyone needs, can afford, or deserves to play D1 football.

For those of you that don't know, all of those #FreeUAB pledges? Yeah, people aren't supplying funds for the checks their mouths wrote. We'll be doing this contraction all over again in about 6-7 years.

You can never go home again.

Jim Harbaugh Made Fifth-Year Seniors "Try Out" For Team - Lost Lettermen

There’s a new attitude in Ann Arbor under Jim Harbaugh, and that might not be any more evident than the fact Michigan’s new head coach allegedly required all fifth-year seniors to try out in the spring to remain with the squad.

I have no problem with this. At all. You have your degree, you're on the bench, you'll never play a snap under Harbaugh -- time to cut your losses and go somewhere to earn a masters and actually see the field.

Besides, nothing is as pitiful as begging to be loved by someone who does not love you back. Which brings us to...

Bill Snyder on Big 12 expansion targets: 'Let's bring Nebraska back' -

There are plenty of teams outside of Power Five conferences who would gladly accept an invitation to the Big 12, but Bill Snyder suggests reaching out to a former member. "Let's bring Nebraska back and a few others, one other maybe. I don't know that," Snyder told Fox Sports' David Ubben. "I know the programs I've seen mentioned, all good programs, all good universities."

Hahahahahaha. That ex- ain't taking you back, Big Twelve. The rot starts in the state of Texas, specifically Austin. Sure, you're swell and everything Ames, Manhattan, but as long as the conference bleeds Burnt Orange, Nebraska will be at the pawn shop selling the DVDs you left at her house.

We probably should think before we speak.

5 quotes from Steve Spurrier's last minute press conference -

South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier called a press conference at the last minute to address some things that have been on his mind. It was so last minute, the Head Ball Coach had to hold it outside some elevators in the team facility. Those who suggested this could be a retirement announcement could not have been more wrong. Spurrier came out shooting hate-filled verbal arrows through his "enemies," which include Clemson quarterback Deshaun Watson, the Atlanta-based media and anyone who thinks he is nearing the end of his career.

The most surreal moment yesterday came when Spurrier took to the stage to basically call out Carvell/the AJC/and UGA's (well known) negative recruiting. This wasn't a feisty or curmudgeony Spurrier. It was a focused, pissed off man. Don't let the OBC's age, or professional media trolls, tell you otherwise: Spurrier can still coach, and he's still as competitive as ever.

Art Briles: Lack of 'brand name' kept Baylor, TCU out of playoff -

Even before the inaugural College Football Playoff field excluded his Baylor Bears in favor of Ohio State, Art Briles was feeling ornery about the selection process. And perhaps not surprisingly, the intervening months haven't made him any less ornery. Briles continued his ongoing complaint against the 2014 CFP committee during a visit to ESPN on Wednesday, saying -- in his typically colorful fashion -- that his Bears' lack of traditional cachet hurt them with the selectors

That may be true. But, the tire fire OOC schedule, and that ass-beating by West Virginia kept you out, Baylor. And then even given your weaknesses, the fact you beat TCU for the league crown, kept them out.There's also the little matter of Ohio State simply playing better down the stretch, against better competition. And they beat Michigan State, unlike a certain team in Waco.

Scoreboard, Art.


Yeah, we kind of figured this: Leonard Fournette, hellacious monster.

Players divided on who's toughest to tackle in the SEC - SEC Blog - ESPN

Alabama linebacker Reggie Ragland said it was difficult to say who’s best because he hadn’t seen Georgia’s Nick Chubb in person. “Leonard Fournette is great,” he said before shifting gears. “As of now, the guy from Arkansas, Alex Collins, he can do it too. It’s going to be difficult between Leonard Fournette and Arkansas.” A pair of fellow SEC defenders weren’t as wishy-washy on Fournette, though. “I’d say Leonard Fournette,” said Ole Miss DB Mike Hilton. “For a guy to be that big, that strong and that powerful, he’s going to be a good one.” Said Florida defensive end Jonathan Bullard: “LSU. Fournette. Big, strong and fast.