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Inside The Play: On A Perfect Night, Shaun Alexander Finishes Off Auburn In 1999

What a great running back. But, you know, Tide RBs are busts.
What a great running back. But, you know, Tide RBs are busts.
Elsa/Getty Images

DATELINE: Auburn, ALA. - Shaun Alexander with the dagger, and Alabama's first win in Auburn, in the 1999 Iron Bowl.

(Better yet, this game staked traitorous Brother Bill Oliver in his undead heart. He was the Tigers' interim defensive coordinator, and had lobbied hard for this job. Needless to say, he was not retained by Auburn and was never heard from again. For the kids: All of that happened, actually, as the Alabama alum would go on to coach at both Auburn and Directional Tennessee. He was brought back to Alabama under Stallings, and was made HCIW, until Hootie Ingram was fired for NCAA sanctions. Feeling betrayed, he bolted to Auburn -- again. But, he was fired at the end of 1998, after riding out the string when Bowden was fired midseason. So, still, this felt p. good, you guys.)

And EVEN better, this game ended Auburn's chances for a bowl game.

And BEST, this game clinched the SEC West for the Tide, who would then go on to Atlanta and destroy the Florida Gators for it's umpeenth SEC Crown.