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AJ McCarron's Super Cincinnati Improvement

Nothing but praise from the Queen City for McCarron, as QB Guru has made a big impact.

Pictured: NOT Andy Dalton
Pictured: NOT Andy Dalton
Joe Robbins/Getty Images

From SBN Bengals' sister site, Cincy Jungle, a very nice read on the development of AJ McCarron, and how Tom House went from Randy Johnson to Drew Brees to AJ McCarron -- not bad company for his tutelage.

AJ McCaron's rise aided by Tom House - Cincy Jungle

But what's led to this sudden rise? Was it simply McCarron getting healthy, or has someone aided in his development to make him look like a competent NFL QB? If the latter is the case, the key to McCarron's rise may be QB Guru Tom House. House, a former journeyman major league pitcher, has turned into the NFL's most popular offseason QB tutor. House's contributions are more known in baseball, where the 65-year-old spent eight years pitching in MLB, compiling a career 3.79 ERA. His greatest contribution to MLB was as a pitching coach for Hall-of-Famers Randy Johnson and Nolan Ryan, among others. Later, House began studying football throwers by collecting data on the throwing motion of elite QBs like Dan Marino and Joe Montana. Then came House's big NFL break in 2004, when San Diego Chargers offensive coordinator Cam Cameron recommended that his QB, Drew Brees, see his friend House to get help with his mechanics.

But, will the coaching and plaudits result in a meaningful competition for the starting job? The 'Jungle has a good breakdown of the arguments for and against Andy Dalton (and, conversely, McCarron.)

Debate: Can A.J. McCarron realistically unseat Andy Dalton? - Cincy Jungle

I find myself at a loss for words, Who Dey nation. For the past two years, I've been screaming at the top of my lungs that this man you call "Andy Dalton" is a mediocre backup posing as an elite QB. I've used traditional teaching methods, I've said it in rap, and I've even dressed up as a fish in order to sing it to you. What else can I do? And I'm not the only one who thinks this. It is now clear to football experts that Dalton is extremely fortunate to be on the Bengals' roster, let alone their starting quarterback.

Go check 'em out.