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Eddie Lacy: "He's A Man...Makes Packers Tougher."

Circle Button has given Green Bay an identity removed from its usual superstar quarterbacks -- a dynamic, tough running team that no one wants to tackle.

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Yes, that is a threatening man.
Yes, that is a threatening man.
Joe Robbins/Getty Images

This is the most quotable article you'll ever read, as NFC personnel & scouts discuss Eddie Lacy's meaning to the Packers.

Position-by-position: Running backs - Eddie Lacy's toughness, attitude rub off on Packers teammates

"He went into a pile of three guys and came out," an NFC North personnel man said in October after watching Green Bay tape. "I just couldn't believe it. They gave him their best shot and he left them all on the ground.

"I'll bet he weighs 240, but he plays like he weighs 300 pounds. He's one of the strongest animals I've ever seen. He's a man.

Ad infinitum.

The most interesting takeaway is how much of an impact he has made forging the identity of the new Pack. His coaches love him, opponents fear him, and the Packers have become an offense that no one in the NFC wants to meet. He has single-handedly made that a tougher franchise.

Roll Damn Lacy.