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Jumbo Package: Morning Edition Miscellany

No, not the NPR show, rather I am impressing upon you that there will be a SECOND Jumbo Package coming along this afternoon. For now, enjoy,

At least someone could bring that big Buckeye bastard down.
At least someone could bring that big Buckeye bastard down.
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Behaving badly

Miami DE calls Notre Dame commit Boudreaux the 'biggest tool I've seen in a while' | FOX Sports

Parker Boudreax committed to Notre Dame in flashy fashion as the hulking 6-5, 290-pound offensive guard pulled a 16,000-pound bus to reveal a Notre Dame logo to the delight of Fighting Irish fans. However, Miami Hurricanes defensive end Scott Patchan was not impressed, as he tweeted, "That kid that pulled the bus to announce his commitment is hands down the biggest tool I've seen in a while."

In Patchan's defense, it was very much a tool move. What is it with Notre Dame players and obnoxious commitment ceremonies? Remember this?

Attorney: De'Andre Johnson was provoked, called racial epithets, report says | NCAA Football | Sporting News

The attorney for former Florida State quarterback De'Andre Johnson says his client was provoked, not the initial aggressor and called "racial epithets" during a June 24 incident at a Tallahassee nightclub, according to NBC News.

Good luck with that defense, De'Andre: Florida doesn't have a "fighting words" statute, so you weren't privileged to hit that lady even if she was as racist as Paula Deen watching a "Roots" marathon. Having watched the video about 40 times, to me it looked like: she just beat him to the bar, he was cutting her off (or she believed him to be attempting to do so,) she was gesturing back to the bar and talking nonsense (whatever it was, she was clearly White Girl Drunk,) the confrontation escalates, Johnson grabs her, she takes a swing, he lays her out.

If anyone saw it differently, that's fine. In any event, we can wish Johnson good luck at Louisville or Jax State.

Fall Camp

Why David Cornwell Should Be Alabama's 2015 Starting QB | Bleacher Report

... the first time that the coaching staff got a look at Cornwell at 100 percent in college, it was this spring. All he did was elevate himself to a clear-cut No. 2 in a five-man quarterback battle that included players with much more game and practice experience than he had coming in.

If Cornwell was able to make up that much ground in half of a spring practice session, that tells me that he has impressed the staff far more than expected and has a ton of momentum heading into summer workouts. If he's a close No. 2 now with all the momentum, the best is yet to come and his ceiling hasn't been reached.

Sallee has a tremendous article making the case for David Cornwell. He lays out very good reasons actually, and I absolutely agree with him...up to a point. And that is because Jacob Coker has been reborn in fire and is apparently backing it up in practice. Which brings us to this...

Quarterback coach 'really excited' about Alabama QB Jake Coker's progress |

"I really feel good about where he is," said Morris, a former Ole Miss quarterback who has trained high-profile quarterbacks such as Eli Manning, AJ McCarron, Matt Barkley and Tim Tebow. "I'm really excited about the way he looks right now. He looks twitchy. It's not really a word, but that's how I would describe it. He's a great athlete. He's got his step back. I think his motion is a little quicker, and I think he's going to be in position to react fast and play fast.

"People don't realize that that doesn't happen overnight. That's a maturation process and an experience thing, and I really think he's in a position to hit his stride right now. I really believe that. I've had him for a long time and have always known his potential, and I'm really excited about where he is right now."

Read that article if you want to breathe a sigh of relief. I don't think any of us particularly care if it's Coker or Cornwell. Whomever can move the ball, execute, make fewer mistakes, lead the team, and notch victories, that's who we want to see behind center, right?

Trimmed down Dallas Warmack feels he has 'good shot' to start as freshman at Alabama |

Dallas Warmack worked out with his ex-Tide All-American brother, Chance Warmack, when he first arrived at Alabama in January, focusing on improving his technique — among other facets of his game — heading into his first spring practice as a member of the Tide. While redshirt freshman Ross Pierschbacher is the clear favorite to start at left guard, right guard is unsettled heading into the fall as the Tide look to replace last year's starter, Leon Brown. "He worked with the 2s and felt like he did what he needed to do and [once he learns] the scheme a little bit more he could possibly be the starter," Jarvis said.

I think Alphonse Taylor will still get the initial nod at RG, but Belly Jr. could work his way into some early playing time. More than likely though Warmack will get mop up duty (just a hunch.)

SEC graduate transfers to watch in 2015

WR Richard Mullaney, Alabama (from Oregon State): This is not the answer to replacing Amari Cooper, but it certainly helps the solution. With Cooper gone, as well as DeAndrew White and Christion Jones, the Crimson Tide have little to no experience returning at wide receiver this season.

I was talking to a Big Ten beat writer a few weeks ago and the subject of Amari Cooper came up (as well as the loss of Christion Jones and DeAndrew White.) He remarked that Alabama's receiving corps was decimated, which seems to be the conventional wisdom for many. However, I indicated (and believe this to be true,) that top-to-bottom, this is the best, deepest group of wideouts Alabama has ever had, and if Cam Sims were healthy, it would be one of the conference's historical best. Adding a quality player like Mullaney is just an embarrassment of riches at the position.

Random tidbits

Bobby Johnson, new member of CFP committee, says 'eye test' still important

First-year College Football Playoff committee member Bobby Johnson told ESPN on Tuesday that he will rely heavily on the eye test this fall, and that he's not afraid to put two teams from the same conference in the top four if they deserve to be there. Johnson also said strength of schedule and conference championships will weigh heavily in determining his top 25.

Bad news, Big Twelve: those conference championship games do matter, or at least will matter to former Vandy coach Bobby Johnson. And, frankly, they should matter. Teams with a CCG have to play another brutal conference game, against a quality (usually) highly-ranked opponent, after a 12-game slate when no one is healthy and everyone is beaten down, against an opponent who knows you inside-out. And sometimes, like this year could very well unfold, those CCGs are a rematch, which are never easy to sweep. (As you all know, most are predicting UGA, with UT as an East dark horse. Both appear on Alabama's regular season schedule.)

Mel Kiper's top 2016 prospects by position - NFL

Defensive end Joey Bosa of Ohio State is the No. 1 overall player in the class and leads the defensive ends. Defensive tackle Robert Nkemdiche and A'Shawn Robinson lead the DT class, which is packed with SEC talent.

Mel Kiper making a whole lot more sense than Zierlein did yesterday. Helmet Head also has Jarran Reed as the No. 4 DE, calling him the most consistent player on the Alabama front. Finally, Kiper names Jonathan Allen his No. 3 DE, citing Allen's tenacious pursuit, strength, and speed.


The 26 strangest mascots in small college football (and one outside of CFB too strange to ignore)

to receiver full consideration among the strangest mascots in small college football, the program must have a depiction of some kind of their mascot to go along with the name, and it should also be very unique. For example, Arkansas Tech are the Wonder Boys, Rockford University are the Regents, and Illinois College are the Blueboys

I believe half of these were the inspiration for old NCAA Football's "FCS-East" generic soup cans. It's a neat story, to be sure. How people choose mascots usually is interesting (looking at you, Alabama, with an elephant and a deadly coral tide.)

I will see you all this afternoon with a very special JP: Evening Edition. The comments are below: Go forth and do evil.