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What's Your Hate List?

We all hate. The only question is who.

Yin and Yang.  Heaven and Hell.  Good and Evil.  Real life is full of dichotomies.  Oftentimes, they even manage to bleed into the areas of our lives that may seem inconsequential to outside observers.

I imagine every reader here pours way more energy into their fandom than could be considered "sane".  You are, after all, reading this article on a Bama blog two months before the season even starts.  That kind of commitment of energy and passion can't exist on only one side of the scale.  Invariably (yes, Glen, if you're reading this you are the exception), our passion for Bama football is necessarily counterbalanced by hate for other teams.  It seems only natural.  Where else am I to project my feelings of bitterness after the sting of defeat?  What, am I gonna process and forget them like a mature adult?  Pfft.

I saw a hate list in the comments of yesterday's Jumbo Packages, and I thought it would be a fun exercise to gather everyone's lists (and inevitably argue about how dumb they are if they don't approximate our own).

My Top 5 Hate List:

1)Auburn.  Always Auburn.


3 on is a grab bag that can change with the wind.  Probably OSU at 3 then FSU at 4 right now.

5)... No idea.  I really can't stress how much of my hate reserve goes to Auburn.

No, Tennessee doesn't make my list.  Sorry, but the Ole Miss of the East doesn't mean squat to me.

Bring it haters.