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VIDEOS: Nick Saban And The Process Can Teach You To Be A Dominating Fan

There is no doubt that Nick Saban and crew are more fired up than usual. As fans, we have to do our part to match this intensity. Begin by letting Nick Saban's fire consume you.

The Alabama Crimson Tide begins two-a-days this morning. As fans, we have to put in the hard work as as well. This requires a lot: building up the alcohol tolerance, getting the heart checked out, saying silent prayers that we not terrify/wake up the Sig O/baby/pets, make sure the cable bill is pre-paid through January, hone the lethal ripostes needed to dominate your social media foes, memorize every pre-season college football preview, finding and honoring the hoo doo that a lucky garment provides, and, of course, watching hype videos.

These are but  little things that we must do in order to complete the Process of being a championship fan base.

As our season approaches, and as Saban and co. are demonstrably more angry and excited than they've been in years, now would be a good time to take a look back at a hungry Nick Saban, the man we fell in love with for his anger, passion, indomitable will that created champions.

Dominate these clips, and get fired up. Here is what we must remember and do as championship fans. (This is Nick Saban, so there are some NSFW potty words. We're adults here, get past it.)

Take it one game at a time:

You can't affect the game if your ass isn't in a seat and making Bryant-Denny what is should be.

Don't worry about meaningless stats; they don't contribute to wins.

The game is hard enough without pinning your expectations onto 19-20 year-old kids.

As a fan, you are competing only against yourself in the struggle to be better.

While it is tempting to play armchair offensive coordinator,  resist the urge to yell "run the danged ball!"

Establish your identity against other fans and make their ass quit.

Strive for perfection in all these things, every day, because in the end, there is nothing sweeter than taking care of unfinished business.