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Jumbo Package: Friday 14 August 2015

Another week down, three more to go.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Another day, another practice...

Nick Saban wants to pump the brakes on Calvin Ridley hype |

Ridley is older than many of his peers. He's already 20-years old and actually had his senior high school season cut short because of age eligibility issues. Ridley is the freshman most likely to play this season though Deionte Thompson and Daylon Charlot are also in the mix to get on the field.

Good luck with those brakes, Coach. Coming in at that age gives Ridley a huge advantage in terms of physical development. To put it in perspective, Amari Cooper turned 20 just before his transcendent junior season and was drafted by the Raiders before turning 21.

Dillon Lee could be big contributor at multiple spots for Alabama |

"Dillon's been kind of a man who can play many positions," Tide defensive coordinator Kirby Smart said. The 6-foot-4, 245-pound Lee entered fall camp as one of Alabama's two first-team outside linebackers in the Tide's base defense. The Buford, Georgia native is also in the mix for time at inside linebacker in Alabama's nickel package, competing with Ragland, junior Reuben Foster and sophomore Shaun Dion Hamilton.

If the Alabama front seven is to live up to its immense potential, Lee's versatility will likely be a contributing factor. Lee has elite size and runs quite well. He has the potential to hear his name called in April with a breakout season.

NFL Draft: Alabama's defensive front seven stacked with NFL talent -

The Crimson Tide is only the third team over the last two decades to record four straight seasons with at least seven draft picks each year (2012-15), joining USC (2008-11) and Miami (2001-04). Alabama might be able to stretch that active streak to five years next spring with another talented roster of NFL prospects in Tuscaloosa, including several impact playmakers in the front-seven.

If the talent in the secondary can come around, this defense could be the best we've had since 2011. Nothing will take the pressure off the QB like a legitimate shut-down defense.

Alabama Podcast: Who are the emerging stars of fall camp? |

The Alabama Podcast is back as's Matt Scalici and Ben Flanagan discuss the first full week of fall practice in Tuscaloosa, including the latest on the quarterback battle and thoughts on which players are emerging as the next big stars for the Crimson Tide.

Worth a listen from a couple of the beat writers. Synopsis: Both gentlemen believe Coker looks poised to take the reigns and live up to at least some of the hype, the front seven is as scary as we all think it is, and Johnny Dwight is a legitimate threat to catch the football at over 300 pounds.

Alabama coach Nick Saban's 'Process' - Business Insider

The Process was born in early November 1998, leading up to a big game against the top-ranked Ohio State Buckeyes. The team wasn't feeling confident, and Saban turned to Rosen for guidance. Rosen taught the Michigan State Spartans a form of step-by-step thinking developed by cognitive therapy pioneer Aaron Beck and popularly used in the Alcoholics Anonymous recovery program. "Rosen emphasized that the average play in the football game lasted about seven seconds," Burke writes. "The players would concentrate only on winning those seconds, take a rest between plays, then do it all over again. There would be no focus at all on the scoreboard or on the end results."

Interesting read that comes on the heels of Monte Burke's biography.

Always business-like Amari Cooper ready for first Raiders game

“One thing I can say about him is the guy gets better at something every day," Carr said of Cooper. "Whether it’s a step here on his route, you know, there’s so much in the NFL that goes on at the line of scrimmage, (compared) to college you’re just running by guys, and so he’s gotten so much better and so much growth in just that area. And he’s doing great things, whether it’s at the top of the route, like he did today on a third down, whatever it is, there’s little things he’s getting better at.”

Sounds like Coop bought into the process.

Alabama, Auburn will limit numbers on football jerseys for sale - Birmingham Business Journal

Alabama and Auburn, like many universities, are taking steps to avoid likeness disputes with NCAA athletes in the wake of high-profile lawsuits that questioned whether colleges should be able to profit from the likenesses of their athletes. In the past, schools would often license jerseys with the numbers of their most popular players – but without their names. But with the recent debate about compensation for college athletes, not to mention skyrocketing revenue for college athletics, that practice began to draw heavy criticism.

Sure, this solves the problem. Looks like JK Scott is going to be the only jersey available for sale this season. Hopefully he'll sue.

It's time for a running back to bring the Heisman back to the SEC - SEC Blog - ESPN

The elite body batterers are Georgia's Nick Chubb, LSU's Leonard Fournette and Alabama's Derrick Henry. Each have a chance to put up spectacular numbers this fall and all three are on teams that should spend considerable time in the national spotlight -- two requisites for Heisman success.

Nice to see Henry mentioned on this list, though I have a feeling he will be sharing the load much more than the other two.

Duke Williams of Auburn Tigers returns after 5-day absence

Asked specifically if Williams would play in the opening game, Malzahn said, "It's a daily deal just like everybody else on our team. They're going to have to come out there and practice with a great attitude, great effort and earn their playing time on the field."

If you think there is any chance Williams sits against Louisville, please inquire about the beach property I have for sale in Wyoming.

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