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Recapping Alabama's First Fall Scrimmage

It's early, but still more questions than answers on offense.

Say a little prayer for Robert, just in case.
Say a little prayer for Robert, just in case.
Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Rewinding Nick Saban's thoughts on QBs, turnovers and DBs after scrimmage |

-- Saban happy with effort, but execution was "OK, probably not where it needs to be."

-- Defense is ahead of the offense.

-- Offense gained confidence by the end of the scrimmage and they made a few big plays.

-- Not one QB was better than the others. There was good and bad with all.

-- Saban would still like QB to "take the bull by the horns." He used same quote after scrimmage in spring.

No surprise that the Alabama defense is way ahead of the offense considering the experience on each side. Saban is clearly talking to his quarterbacks through the media here, an art which he has perfected over the years. "Taking the bull by the horns" and "winning the team" are obviously subjective and vague notions. In my experience, the guy who "wins the team" is the guy who plays well and gives the team the best chance to be successful. The race continues...

Nick Saban addresses Robert Foster, Kenyan Drake injuries |

Receiver Robert Foster was the newest addition to the injury list after suffering a sprained knee toward the end of the scrimmage. Foster, a five-star recruit out of high school, had been working with the first team during this fall practice.

Not much was said about Robert Foster's knee here, but I am personally going to be holding my breath until we get an update. The only difference between a "sprain" and a "tear" is the extent of the damage to the ligament. In any event, this is not good. Kenyan Drake should be fine with the hammy, but it's a little humorous that he was held out of the first scrimmage after Saban has been railing on reporters for asking about his health. Lester Cotton wasn't seen today and there seems to be no info available as to why.

Landon Collins suffers knee injury in his first NFL preseason game |

New York Giants safety Landon Collins sprained a mediate collateral ligament during a preseason game against the Cincinnati Bengals on Friday night.

Well, this stinks. Hopefully Landon will be back in time for the season opener, though as a rookie it's tough to miss that much of camp.

That's it for now - full video of Saban's presser below. Roll Tide.