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Join the Roll 'Bama Roll Fantasy Football Leagues

Fun, games, possible prizes, the inestimable joy of crushing your opponents beneath your feet.

Someone better select Alabama's running game!
Someone better select Alabama's running game!
Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

What is it? And, how is different from pro fantasy sports?

This year, we have partnered with Pigskin Fantasy U. Pigskin Fantasy U is an online college fantasy football game, where you draft full teams instead of individual players. As always, it completely free to enter and to play. You draft full teams instead of individual players. Therefore, all you need is a basic knowledge of how well teams perform (e.g., Alabama as a team is expected to rack up wins vs. Alabama’s QB racking up passing yards). The only stats that truly matter at PFU is whether your teams win or lose.

What is the league format?

We have opted to go with a a head-to-head format, pitting one person vs. another person each week, with the objective being to accumulate more wins from your active roster than your opponent’s active roster.

What is my "roster?"

You will select eight (8) teams during your league's draft. Each week, you may play five (5) of them.

How many leagues/competitors are there?

During this trial run, membership will be capped at four leagues of sixteen (16) players each, for a total of 64 lucky folks. Please join only on of the four leagues, and then prepare for your draft.

There's a draft?

Yes, each league will have it's own draft over the next 10 days. That information is available on your league page. For instance, Roll Bama Roll SBN, will live-draft Wednesday Aug 26th at 8:00 pm Central. Roll Bama Roll SBN 2 will live-draft Sunday August 23 at 8:00 pm Central.

How do I join a league?

You will need to sign up with an account at Pigskin Fantasy U, then join a private league. All of the leagues are private, and require a password: Roll Bama Roll SBN, Roll Bama Roll SBN2, Roll Bama Roll SBN3, and Roll Bama Roll SBN4.

The password for all leagues is "roadto16" (cap and numerical sensitive.)

Anything I should know?

Yes, don't forget to read the Draft Kit, make sure to watch the "How To Play" video, and feel free to check out the FAQs page.

This is one of the easiest fantasy football games I've seen. It doesn't presuppose encyclopedic knowledge, point spread handicapping, or ultra-tedious attention to personnel and rosters. I think we will all have fun, folks.