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Oh, Altee: Tenpenny Out At UNLV

Coveted Arkansas prep back, Altee Tenpenny, can't get out of his own way.

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

From being the most highly-sought after recruit in Arkansas, to signing with Alabama, to his release and fall from grace, to a wanna'be redemption in Las Vegas, it's been a long ride for Altee Tenpenny.

Put those redemption interest pieces on the backburner for now, as UNLV just dismissed Altee from his second program, for yet more of those "violations of team rules."

UNLV running back Altee Tenpenny dismissed from team - Mountain West Connection

The Altee Tenpenny era at UNLV is over. Declining to offer specifics, Rebels head coach Tony Sanchez announced Friday that Tenpenny was dismissed from the football team following a violation of team rules. "It's unfortunate, but we've got plenty of guys," Sanchez told the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

"The young guys look fantastic. That had nothing to do with (the dismissal). At the end of the day, rules are the rules."

The last sentence is a brutal one too. No one doubts Altee's talent, which is plainly upper-echelon, SEC-calibre. His decision-making leaves a whole lot to be desired. We hope he gets his head straight, takes advantage of the third chance he will be given (talent forgives a lot,) and doesn't waste his life that is just beginning in earnest.

Mountain West Connection has your predictably sad story.