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Jumbo Package: Tadpole's a Granddad Edition

OK, we'll talk about Alabama too...

Alabama practice report: Updating a few injuries, notes on QBs |

-- RB Kenyan Drake appeared fine as he practiced with extra tape on the hamstring he injured late last week.
-- The QBs were throwing extra deep passes in routes with the receivers. Most were right on point with Alec Morris looking solid. The only real overthrow appeared to come from Blake Barnett to Calvin Ridley, but it wasn't off by much.
-- As the defensive backs worked through formations, cornerback Marlon Humphrey again worked on the first time on the opposite side of Cyrus Jones. The second team included Tony Brown and Bradley Sylve in what appeared to be a dime package.
Couple of interesting things here: another plug for Alec Morris and Marlon Humphrey continuing to work with the first team defense. Sounds like these two have made some serious strides this offseason.

JK Scott had bad first Alabama practice, but Nick Saban's mental tricks helped |

"Sometimes good enough is good enough and you don't have to keep trying to get better," Saban said in December. The trick was relating the punting motion to his golf swing. Nice and easy. Don't try to kill it. "It's a spot on analogy," Scott said. "It's perfect. Like, that's exactly what it is. The mentality of a punter is kind of the same exact as a golfer. You don't have many chances. It's just one shot, and you've just got to do everything you can for that one shot."

If this whole coaching thing doesn't work out, perhaps Nick could dabble in sports psychology.

Why Alabama can win the playoff: Bigger, more athletic than anyone, again | FOX Sports

Nobody in college football has as many huge and athletic people as the Tide. They are ridiculously deep on the D-line and will be much improved on the O-line, led by Ryan Kelly and Cam Robinson. Nick Saban has (a slightly slimmed down) A'Shawn Robinson, Jarran Reed (also a bit leaner than last year), and a bunch of dudes who come in waves.

I think we all expect the defensive front to be the strength of the team - and if I had to pick an area to be strong, defensive line would be my first choice - but "much improved" on the offensive line remains to be seen. If that is accurate, this team could be unstoppable.

2015 SEC preview: Can Auburn's D get it past Alabama? - College Football -

No. Next question.

Alabama Football Experiments With Cryotherapy

Head football trainer, Jeff Allen told, “Coach Saban has placed a big emphasis on recovery from practice to practice, so our players can be at their best. We felt that it was another tool to utilize to help our guys perform every day. Whole body cryotherapy is a great technique to assist in recovery and help improve performance.”

Well, I guess he can take a shot at sports science after retiring as a psychologist.

Dumbest Fan Bases in America the Alabama Crimson Tide | FOX Sports

The Alabama Crimson Tide are the fourth dumbest fan base in the nation.

Yes, I linked Clay Travis. At least we aren't first on his ridiculous list this season.

Alabama, Auburn football programs among those named in 'Pray to Play' report | NCAA Football | Sporting News

The 25-page report, compiled over a year through a series of Freedom of Information Act requests and released Wednesday, asserts that Christian coaches are illegally inviting chaplains to work with their teams in an attempt to spread religious beliefs among players

Obviously we don't want to start a religious debate here, but I have a couple of issues with this. First off, check out the headline. There are "more than two dozen programs" named in the report, yet they use the state of Alabama for click-bait. Secondly, why is this organization demanding these changes? Did some of the players complain that their rights are being infringed upon? If not then these folks need to find something better to do with their time.

Former Tide pass rusher makes MMA pro debut Saturday in Tuscaloosa (video) |

Eryk Anders, a former Alabama football player, will make his pro debut in mixed martial arts Saturday at the Belk Activity Center in Tuscaloosa. Anders will face Joshua Raspberry of Bessemer, who is also making his pro debut. Both are participating in the start of the Eastern Divisional tournament, a single-elimination event. Strikehard 40's main card begins at 7 p.m, and includes former Samford football player and Mobile native Omar Johnson and Cameron Paige, a UAB student aiming for medical school who competes in the women's division.

If you're around Tuscaloosa, go check out Eryk's professional debut.

And now for the big news of the week:

The little fellow in the pic is my first grandchild, Luke, who checked in Wednesday at a whopping 9 lbs. and 5 oz. He was literally picking his head up within 24 hours of making his appearance, but we have decided to hold off on getting him acclimated to his helmet for now. There will be many a fall Saturday spent in front of the TV with this little gentleman on my knee, clad in Crimson of course. Mom is doing fine and is recovering nicely. I couldn't be more proud.

That's about it for today, folks. Roll Tide.