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Interesting Notes on the Preseason AP Poll

A closer look at the preseason AP poll reveals homers and haters

Urban Meyer's Ohio State Buckeyes are the first unanimous preseason AP #1 team
Urban Meyer's Ohio State Buckeyes are the first unanimous preseason AP #1 team
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Just a few notes from reviewing all 61 voters' preseason Top 25 ballots:

Historic #1

Ohio State is the first team in the history of football to be a unanimous preseason #1. Hard to argue, considering how well they played at the end of 2014 and how much they have returning.

SEC Haters

Jon Wilner, Kirk Bohls, Mike Sorensen, Rustin Dodd, Sam McKewon and Tom D'Angelo have just six SEC teams on their ballots.

SEC Homers

Adam Zucker, Bob Asmussen, Dave Reardon, Doug Doughty, Ed Daigneault, Ed Johnson, Garland Gillen, Jay Binkley, John Clay, John Shinn, Matt McCoy, Scott Wolf and Tom Murphy have nine SEC teams on their ballots.

Gumps & Bammers

Jeff Seidel, Jim Polzin, John Shinn, Ken Medlin and Scott Wolf have Alabama at #2.

Bama Haters

Ed Daigneault, Garland Gillen, Joey Knight, Josh Kendall, Mike Sorensen, Rustin Dodd, Sam McKewon, Sam Werner and Tom D'Angelo have Bama at #6.

Daniel Berk, Jimmy Burch and Robert Cessna have Bama at #7.

John Adams has Bama at #8.

Brett McMurphy and Kirk Bohls have Bama at #9.

Oddities at #2

Jon Wilner has Notre Dame at #2.

Dave Reardon has Michigan State at #2.

Garland Gillen has USC at #2.

Mitch Vingle has LSU at #2.

Adam Zucker, Eric Avidon and Rob Long have Auburn at #2.

Low on Auburn

Gary Smits has Auburn at #14; Joel Klatt has them at #16 and Sam McKewon has them at #21.

Top 15 Teams Left Off Ballots

Four Top 15 teams were left off of one ballot:

#11 Notre Dame were as high as #2, but Chad Crippe doesn't have them in his Top 25.

#13 UCLA was as high as #8, but Matt McCoy left the Bruins off his ballot.

#14 LSU was as high as #2 and #15 Arizona State got a seventh-place vote, but Kirk Bohls left both off of his ballot.

The AP Voters