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RBR Sponsored Tailgate: You Decide The Date (Maybe)

I originally was going to make this an executive decision, but decided some cheerocracy may be in order

We are working on a sponsored tailgate for this fall. It will occur at one of the major home games not named LSU, because hopefully we will also be having a joint party on the quad with the despised coonasses fine people at And The Valley Shook.

An Alabama company will be sponsoring the event, providing tents, signage and the like. We need your attendance, participation, willingness to man a grill, bring some stuff, etc.

I have provided a list of dates below for you to decide and provide feedback upon. That said, I am leaning very heavily towards the Third Saturday in October. I understand for many of you, that date may pose some difficulty, because those are going to be very expensive tickets on the secondary market. That said, off the table are the sacrificial victims named Charleston Southern, Middle Tennessee, and Louisiana-Monroe -- those will likely not be sell outs, and in any event will be a more subdued crowd.

Give it some thought and weigh in below. This isn't straight democracy, but your wishes, willingness, and participation will be taken into heavy consideration.