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Marcell Dareus vs. the Buffalo Bills: Contract Negotiations Drag On

All-Pro wants money closer to Ndamukong Suh's 6-year $114M.

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Marcell Dareus.
Marcell Dareus.
Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Marcell Dareus has just come off a monstrous 10-sack All-Pro season and is ready to be compensated for it. The two-time Pro Bowl player (2013, 2014) has been locking horns with the Buffalo Bills in a storyline that could come right out of the HBO show Ballers. The long off-season negotiations have spilled over into exhibition season with the latest chapter reportedly being the rejection of a $90 million six-year deal to add to the one year left on his current contract.

However, reports are that Dareus wants a number closer to the six-year, $114-million contract that Ndamukong Suh got from the Miami Dolphins. If the Bills do not up their offer, the former Alabama All-American could become a free agent after the 2015-16 season. A franchise tag is also a possibility.

From USAToday:

"I’m not looking, necessarily, for Suh’s numbers," Dareus said. "I just want to be treated right, just like everyone else.

He later added: "I feel like I should be paid what I’m due."

"They’re making it hard," Dareus told The Buffalo News last week. "And it’s just really making me unhappy. I feel like they don’t really want me here."

His Bills teammates have made their feelings on the matter known.

The Bills' defensive tackle has amassed 201 tackles and 28.5 sacks in just four seasons in Buffalo. His 10.0 sacks last saeson were the most by an interior lineman. Suh and Tampa Bay's Gerald McCoy both had 8.5 sacks.

Despite any unpleasantness between Dareus and management, he has continued to give his all in practice and in the meaningless exhibition games to the point of being named Training Camp MVP by the Bills.

Dareus was named BCS National Championship MVP in 2010 and will forever live in Crimson Tide lore for his glorious spin move touchdown.