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RBR Sweetheart Competition: Final Round

We've honed it down to three, and while I am confused by your choices, I am sworn by the Ancient and Hallowed Rules of Sweetheartdom to abide by them.

Oh Margot, what could have been?...I guess we'll never know.
Oh Margot, what could have been?...I guess we'll never know.

The votes are in...the first round is over. I have to admit, you people surprised me.

After a week of deliberation and input from you A-holes...I mean, you fine folks, it appears we have a top three. I will say this, we have a diversity of styles of the female form in this final round. And Margot Robbie didn't make the cut, which personally breaks my eternal heart. However, such is evidence that this is a fair and accurate poll (despite Parker McKenna's omission from the poll...she was actually there, she was just pre-built and hidden by code.) Margot was my number one, with Olivia a close second. Que sera, sera. I'll always have what could have been.

So, here you have them...the femme fatale, the perennial favorite and the ass-kicker. Feast thine eyes...

Charlotte McKinney

Charlotte may not be thought of as a Rhodes Scholar...but who needs book learnin' when you have a shape like hers. With more curves than the Pacific Coast Highway, she's a real life Jessica Rabbit, for those of you who still cling to that particular fetish (y'all know what I mean...weirdos.)

Anna Kendrick

I seriously still don't know who this person is, but then again, I don't get out much. She must have some kinda smoldering sex appeal, because she looks like just about every other college chick in Publix to me. But she's a contender each and every year, so she must have it going on in some way or another (even if I'll be damned if I can figure it out.) Drop her in any sorority house with a pair of aviators and some Daisy Dukes and she'd become invisible.

Ronda Rousey

She's cool, she's a badass and she looks pretty fetching in a bikini. She don't take no lip offa no Mayweather either, which gives me the warm fuzzies. A vote for Ronda is a vote for an extra helping of ass-kickin' mojo, which could be a good thing if Bama doesn't get this quarterback thing worked out soon.

There you have them, folks. You, astute judges of feminine worthiness, cast your votes for the lady or your choice. Remember, the fate of this football season depends on your research and concentration in this critical regard, so do not whiff. After all, we know what happens when you don't buy-in to The Process...