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Auburn's All-Public Administration Team Announced

The best Public Admin majors on Auburn's football team

Not surprisingly, Nick Marshall headlines Auburn's All-Public Administration Team
Not surprisingly, Nick Marshall headlines Auburn's All-Public Administration Team
Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

In case you missed yesterday's news, Auburn University is still a sham college.

It's no secret that many of the more...intellectually challenged? athletes are often directed to paper classes less-demanding majors. It's been uncovered at Florida State and even the revered University of North Carolina, and now, once again, at Auburn.

Now, there's nothing wrong with athletes choosing easy majors. But there is something wrong with a college offering an easy major simply to keep athletes eligible, and that's what Auburn's Public Administration program appears to be. The Auburn athletic department begged the school to save the Public Admin program from getting scrapped and even offered to pay the teachers with athletic department funds.

On this year's roster, 13 of the 116 players, or 11%, are Public Administration majors. It's the most popular major on the team when you consider that Pre-Business is how all underclassmen business majors are classified whether they choose Management, Marketing, Accounting or any other business major.

Public Administration is the single most popular major on the team.

Which athletes were benefiting from such a worthless program? Just about every recognizable Auburn football player over the last couple of years. Here is the All-Public Administration Team of current Auburn players:

  • WR Duke Williams
  • LB Cassanova McKinzy (chose Auburn because of the proximity of Chick-Fil-A)
  • DB Tray Matthews
  • RB Jovon Robinson
  • OL Austin Golson
  • OL Xavier Dampeer
  • OL Will Adams
  • WR Jason Smith
  • TE Greg Hall
  • DB T.J. Davis
  • DB Joshua Holsey
  • WR Melvin Ray
  • DL Devaroe Lawrence

And the All-Public Admin team of former Auburn players:

  • RB Tre Mason
  • DB Jonathon Mincy
  • DL Gabe Wright
  • WR Quan Bray
  • OL Greg Robinson
  • DB Robenson Therezie
  • C Reese Dismukes
  • WR Sammie Coates
  • DE Dee Ford
  • CB Chris Davis
  • QB Nick Marshall

That's 24 players--enough to field a full offense, defense and have someone fill kicking and punting duties.