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Jumbo Package: Jesse Williams Is Tougher Than You Edition

Not sure how many times the same 5-6 position battles can be recycled, but we'll be reading about them well into October.

Mista' don't play
Mista' don't play
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Alabama target Terrell Hall decommits from Ohio State |

Another Alabama target has decommitted from another school, and it's at a position of need. Terrell Hall, a 6-foot-5, 250-pound defensive end/outside linebacker from Washington, D.C., announced on Twitter late Monday afternoon that he was backing off his commitment to Ohio State and reopening his recruitment. Alabama is one of the schools he is focusing in on, as Hall spent a week in Tuscaloosa last month. RELATED: Alabama's pitch to Terrell Hall - 'They think I belong in the SEC'

Alabama has been courting Hall exceptionally lovingly. It seems to have paid off. The OLB is a Rashan Gary-type player, and fills an instant void at pass rush following the heavy losses Alabama will incur in the front seven after this season.

Dylan Moses has decommitted from LSU

After talking to my mom, I know realize that when you're truly committed to something, there's no room for others to compete. There shouldn't be any outside interest. I was younger and doing what I thought was right at the time. Now that I truly understand what being committed means, I want to think things through and make sure that the next time I commit, I will be signing a letter of intent and there will be no other schools in the mix. I will be doing what's best for me versus what is expected of me. My plan now is focusing on bettering myself as a high school student athlete, perfecting my craft and helping my teammates win another CHAMPIONSHIP." Other schools believed to be in serious contention for Moses' services are Alabama, Texas and Florida State.

Too many distractions in Baton Rouge, eh? Not that we've never heard that one before. See also, Collins, Landon.

So many questions

Five questions Alabama faces entering fall camp |

What kind of influence will first-year secondary coach Mel Tucker have on a beleaguered unit? Alabama finished third in total defense in the SEC in 2014, an impressive feat considering that it ranked 11th in pass defense. The secondary has been exposed to a degree the last two seasons. Mel Tucker now takes the reins of the secondary and all reports have it that the experienced defensive coach has instantly earned the respect and love of his players. It certainly helps that the most consistent cornerback, Cyrus Jones, returns for his senior season, but the safety position is rife with a lack of experience. How fast Tucker can get the unit into shape will go a long way into the overall strength of the defense.

None loom larger than how the passing defense will fare. Mel Tucker has no honeymoon period in Tuscaloosa.

5 positional battles to watch when Alabama opens practice |

Let's just get this out of the way. Alabama has another quarterback competition that'll dominate the discussion for a second straight August. We'll spare you another glancing blow at the complex situation at that position for these purposes. Instead we will take a look at the other positional competitions that'll be worth following this August.

Usual suspects here, including one that really concerns me: the offensive guards. If your interior is not solid, then I don't care what kind of running backs or signal caller you have. I know many of you are freaking about the safeties (wrongly, I'd argue,) but the unknowns involving the interior line scare me more than any other single unit on the team.

This is one reason why we want Alabama to play Charleston Southern

Top 25 most expensive games of 2015: ND-Texas requires a loan | FOX Sports

Fighting Irish vs. Longhorns might cost you a month's rent.

EIGHT (8) of Alabama's twelve games are on the Top 25 most expensive list. Want to know partially why body bag games and Sun Belt teams are great for Alabama football? It's the only way many can afford to take their family to a game. Success has its price, and that price is out of range for a lot of middle and working class families (plenty of tickets left for Middle Tennessee and Charleston Southern, BTW.)

North Carolina State Mississippi State Rutgers weakest non-conference schedules | FOX Sports

7. Auburn - Index: 1.44: Bobby Petrino's Louisville team is no cupcake, although the Cardinals do have the fewest returning starters in the ACC (9) -- only three teams in FBS have fewer. The other three games are a lot easier. Jacksonville State is a good FCS team while San Jose State is coming off a 3-9 year. The final of the non-conference games is against the other Petrino's (Paul) team, the Idaho Vandals, 5-42 the past four years.

Auburn, Mississippi State and Kentucky make the list of Top-10 pitiful schedules. As well they should. And, with respect to Mississippi State, as bad as the OOC is, I still don't see them getting more than 6- or 7 regular season wins.

Finally, give it up to Monstar

Jesse Williams trying to complete 'remarkable' comeback after cancer surgery |

"This is remarkable that Jesse's this close at this time," Seattle coach Pete Carroll told reporters. "He's got to get in football shape. He's missed two months of workout stuff, so he's got to get back in football shape. He'll have some more evaluations done here soon, but there is a chance that Jesse can make it back and play, and it will be just remarkable if that happens. He's busting his tail to get that done, and we're pulling for him every step of the way."

Hats off to Jesse Williams who, down a kidney after cancer, is kicking that insidious disease right in the taint. He has to get in football shape, but the snake-bitten former Alabama star is making big time impressions on people: A true testament to his strength, modern medicine, and an inspiration to those battling cancer.

We wish Jesse well on his recovery.