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Cam Robinson Helped off the Field at Alabama Practice

Hold your breath.

Cam Robinson.
Cam Robinson.
Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Reports are surfacing that Alabama sophomore left tackle Cam Robinson was assisted off the field at practice on Saturday.

There is no official word on his condition but rumors have been swirling that he may have broken his foot and his season could be in danger. Others say he will be okay.

UPDATE: According to Coach Nick Saban's Sunday morning press conference, Robinson "sprained his knee", "he is fine", and "day-to-day". Saban did not come out and say it but he eluded that his assistance off the field was just the staff being super-cautious.

Both WR Chris Black and TE TY Flournoy-Smith twisted an ankle and are day-to-day.

CB Marlon Humphrey "pulled a muscle" and will be "out for a few days".

Cactus swinging diverted.

It is interesting to note that there were a few times during Saban's comments that it seemed like he was about to go off on a rant but he caught himself and stopped. After all the flak he caught a couple of weeks ago about saying how the upcoming NFL Draft distracted some of his players, we may see a more tight-lipped Saban in the future... for a little while at least.

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