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You Decided: Roll 'Bama Roll To Retire The Sweetheart

A tradition like few others just wasn't the same without Todd's guiding hand #SWIDT?

"well, it's time to go..."
"well, it's time to go..."
Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

After nearly a decade, it is safe to say that we have developed an unique community.

We have inside jokes, our own vocabulary, and above all, we have some pretty strong traditions: The Random 10, the Hoodoo Thread, Running Back Success Rates, the Jumbo Package. But, as the site has evolved we have added some things (weekly Q&A's with opponents, advanced stats, tailgating, Around the SEC.../Nation....) We've kept others, despite steadfast resistance from the greater SBN Community (the Blogpoll.) And, of course, we've abandoned a few (Bocephus, people eating weird stuff, "Ask Todd," Pythagorean football) and many, many others.

Today, we turn another page as we say farewell to an RBR tradition that somewhat set us apart (in both good and bad ways) from other at-large SBN communities - the Sweetheart.

Democracy spoke: 2/3rds of you are indifferent to it or actively want the Sweetheart gone. When 66% of the readers tell us that a feature is not contributing to, and in fact may be a detriment to, the site, we listen.

This year, then, there will not be a beefcake or pinup girl affixed to the top of every Hoodoo post. I know it has become a talisman to many of you, but this is the internet. Designate your own sweetheart/beefcake, and feel free to open as many browser windows as you want.

We will miss you, Roll 'Bama Roll Sweethearts. We send you classy ladies out in the same way we'd treat our own Sweethearts -- Sha Na Na.