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Ricky Muncie: Ease Into "8 Solid Inches" As "Ricky's Mailbag" Returns

The Managing Editor of the Knoxville Nickel Trader breaks down SEC action.

Ricky's Mailbag returns in podcast form today as Ricky looks at the Big Game (Sooners versus the Vols,) explains Dak's tough game versus KSU. Rickyalso predicts the classless Bammers in Tuscaloosa will look to run it up versus the fine young men from Murfreesboro.


Got a question for Ricky? Email him at: You can also hit him up on the Tweeters at @RickyRBR. He has many great interviews already lined up for this season: Clay Travis, Darren Rovell, Sports By Brooks just to name a few. So, submit your questions, and you may become Knoxville Nickel Trader famous.

Who is Ricky Muncie?

As the third generation managing editor of the Knoxville Nickel Trader, Ricky Muncie is no stranger to journalism, and a friend to college football. He holds the distinction of being the first member of his family born outside of Tennessee. His parents delivered him in the parking lot of a 7-11 on the way to an Amway conference in St. Louis.

Ricky's work has been recognized by at least two SEC commissioners with the coveted "Cease and Desist" award, and the "1,000-yard Restraining Order" lifetime achievement designation.  As long as he remains unrecognized by conference security, he will continue bringing you news and information on SEC football teams.

His "Eight Solid Inches with Ricky Muncie" is legendarily thick with insight, and it will be more widely available once a few contract issues with the syndicate are ironed out.

Ricky and his ex-wife live in Knoxville, where they co-parent two children and hope to establish the first real suburb there.