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Ricky Muncie has Eight Solid Inches for Ole Miss

Ole Miss Coach Hugh Freeze might not be impressed, but RBR Chief Investigative Provocateur Ricky Muncie answers your questions in the Malebag, and looks ahead to the matchup with the Rebears.

Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Got a question for Ricky? Email him at: You can also hit him up on the Tweeters at @RickyRBR, or use the hashtag #RickysMaleBag. Submit your questions, and you may become Knoxville Nickel Trader famous.

Eight Solid Inches

Who is Ricky Muncie?

As the third generation managing editor of the Knoxville Nickel Trader, Ricky Muncie is no stranger to journalism, and a friend to college football. He holds the distinction of being the first member of his family born outside of Tennessee. His parents delivered him in the parking lot of a 7-11 on the way to an Amway conference in St. Louis.

Ricky's work has been recognized by at least two SEC commissioners with the coveted "Cease and Desist" award, and the "1,000-yard Restraining Order" lifetime achievement designation.  As long as he remains unrecognized by conference security, he will continue bringing you news and information on SEC football teams.

His "Eight Solid Inches with Ricky Muncie" is legendarily thick with insight, and it will be more widely available once a few contract issues with the syndicate are ironed out.

Ricky and his ex-wife live in Knoxville, where they co-parent two children and hope to establish the first real suburb there.