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Early Morning / Early Game Thread: WAKE UP! #IUFB4Gameday Edition!

The SEC has a lot to prove, but the meat of the schedule is the afternoon. .

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Better than coffee, better than original Coca-Cola in a glass bottle, better than sweet tea with a plate of all-fried's football!

There are quite a few important early games in the conference we'll be keeping an eye on; unfortunately none of them are this morning:

Southern U. at Georgia 11am/12pm SECN
LSU at Syracuse 11am/12pm ESPN
UCF at South Carolina 11am/12pm ESPNU

Most of the good games look to be out of conference, particularly that BYU @ Michigan game:

BYU at Michigan 11am/12pm ABC
Central Michigan at Michigan State 11am/12pm BTN
Southern Miss at Nebraska 11am/12pm ESPNewsFile:ESPNews.png
Georgia Tech at Duke 11am/12pm ESPN2

Anyway, there's your morning slate. College Gameday is in Tucson for tonight's PAC12 South semifinal elimination, as the Wildcats host the UCLA Bruins. Also, that GT - Duke game looks to be huge too. The Jackets can still run the table, but they have to get past what looks to be one of two divisional challengers, the Blue Devils.


As a personal note, I'd like to ask all of you with Twitter and Facebook accounts to drop a line to College Gameday using the hashtag #IUFB4Gameday. Why? Because the Hoosiers are 3-0, looking to go 4-0. Gameday visits the same campuses over and over. And, why not? One of the neat things about the show is seeing different parts of the country. Bloomington is quite lovely...It may be the only place in Indiana with pretty people. Show the Hoosier state some love.

Besides, do you really want the GameDay Jinx at, say, LSU or Tennessee? One more week at an unknown city is one less weekend that Herbie and Corso and crew can spread their reverse hoodoo on us.