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Update: Roll 'Bama Roll Third Saturday Tailgate!

The good people at Birmingham's Good People Brewing Company, and RBR benefactors, have been abidingly generous, and we invite you all to attend our Alabama-Tennessee Tailgate.

Gorgeous Autumn days in Tuscaloosa.
Gorgeous Autumn days in Tuscaloosa.
Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

EDIT: We now have a kickoff time for Third Saturday. The game will be at 2:30 local as the CBS game of the week. That means tailgating will kick off a little earlier than anticipated.

We will start getting out there mid-morning, between 9:00-10:00 a.m. at the corner of Bidgood on the Quad.

There are plenty of on-campus activities planned for those of you with families, first time visitors, or anyone who wants to just take in Gameday at the University of Alabama:

  • Coca Cola Kick-Off Zone – On University Blvd, right outside the stadium. Lots of activities for the kiddos. Opens 4 hours prior to kick off.
  • Softball team autograph signing – Located on the Quad next to Denny Chimes. Will happen 3-4 hours prior to kick off.
  • Honorary captains autograph signing – Bryant Museum. Usually 4 hours prior to kick off.
  • Elephant Stomp – Pep rally with Million Dollar Band on the steps of the Gorgas Library. 1 hour prior to kick off. Band then marches to the stadium.
  • Walk of Champions – Team arrival at the Stadium. 2 hours, 15 minutes prior to kick off.

Here is your map. Coming from the Stadium, on the left hand side of the Quad, it is the 3rd large building on the left. Buses will practically drop you off at the Quad. (see Roger's message below.) There will be a series of tents with signage: notably a Roll Bama Roll sign, one for Roger and Sherry Myers, seating areas, televisions, etc.


We hope to see you there. Roll Tide.


We are now just one month out from one of the best historical rivalries in all of football -- Alabama. Tennessee. The Third Saturday in October.

This October 24th on the lovely University of Alabama campus, the Crimson Tide host the Tennessee Volunteers in Bryant-Denny Stadium. The passions will be fever-pitched. I, like most "old" Alabama fans, consider this the rivalry that defines Tide football. Bear Bryant didn't light a cigar for beating API, Gene Stallings didn't smile for a routine win over Directional Mississippi, nor did Frank Thomas fire up a stogie for the LSU Tigers.

Tennessee has not kept up their end of the bargain lately, but that's the way this rivalry goes, in streaks. This season, Alabama looks for its ninth straight win over the Volunteers in front of 101,821 maniacal people, with another 50,00-60,000 folks there for there spectacle.

In terms of spectacle, do we have one for you. Thanks to the generosity of RBR's Roger Myers, and his lovely wife, Sherry, and Good People Brewing Company, Roll 'Bama Roll will be throwing a party on the Quad on the Third Saturday. Good People is donating enough adult microbrew to float a small army; Roger and Sherry have a wonderful setup with tents and televisions and grub. I have your off-color jokes covered.

What do you need to do? Not much, really. Drop by and watch some football with us. Drink some free beer. Talk football and revel in history and history-yet-to-be-made. Throw Roger some cash in the till. He can afford it, but the gesture is appreciated nonetheless.

Importantly, spread the word. On Twitter and Facebook, that is #GameDayWithGoodPeople. And, yes, they are good people. Even unofficial RBR sponsor Druid City Brewing Company acknowledge their awesomeness.

As we get closer (probably in a week or so) more details, a map, times etc. will be forthcoming. For now, know that we appreciate each and every one of you and hope to see you on the Third Saturday.