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Jumbo Package: Aggravation Edition

Spoiler: National Media continues to pile on the Crimson Tide.

I have no clue what Coach Cochran is saying. I promise you it is VERY animated though.
I have no clue what Coach Cochran is saying. I promise you it is VERY animated though.
Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Because we care what you think...

Mark Gottfried says Avery Johnson will 'do a terrific job' at Alabama |

"He was NBA coach of the year at one point in time," Gottfried said. "They've already done a great job in recruiting. I've talked to him a couple times already, I wished him well and I think he will do a great job." Gottfried said the only advice he had for Johnson is to be prepared for how big football is at the Capstone. "At the same time, I think he understands that it's a tough job and that league is a difficult league," he said. "He knows all that stuff. I'm pulling for him."

If I were Gottfried, I'd be more worried about the Alabama 2.0 he's pulling in Raleigh: lack of defense, spotty recruiting and diminishing returns. And, I seriously doubt Coach Johnson is going to be flopping out his junk for everyone in the athletic department.

Sorry, Mark Gottfried is still a sore spot here.

One word. Two syllables.

SEC officials making progress toward controversial linemen-downfield calls, Steve Shaw says |

"From an officiating standpoint, it's kind of the new world," Shaw said. "We're having a good year, but everything's so magnified from an officiating standpoint. It's really changing the perception, but so far, we've had a pretty good year."

One word. Two syllables, Steve Shaw: Bullshit.

If you feel like punching a baby seal, read that article. Shaw cites the addition of an 8th crew member as proof the SEC is making progress on the ineligible lineman calls. From this vantage point, it's just adding 14% more incompetence over a 7-man crew.The league office can add another eight officials, but if they're not monitoring the play (and they're not,) what purpose do extra bodies on the field serve?

Alabama is pretty terrible, I guess.

Georgia's dream season starts with destroying the Crimson Tide | FOX Sports

Georgia is clearly the class of this year’s mediocre SEC East, and with annual crossover opponent Auburn reeling, the opportunity is there for that truly special season that’s thus far eluded Richt. But that’s got to start with winning a big game in which he’s favored.

Mandel's latest opus has an added degree of difficulty by taking simultaneous jabs at Richt while also downgrading Alabama. But, he really sticks the landing when he calls the Crimson Tide "everyone's get-better game."

LOL. Okay, man, it's like he's literally never looked at advanced stats either, because...

2015 college football advanced statistical profiles - Football Study Hall

Advanced statistical profiles for all 128 FBS college football teams

The gap between Alabama (at No. 1) and everyone else is so ridiculous as to beggar belief. Saxon will undoubtedly wow you more details as the week goes on.

No. 13 Alabama in unfamiliar role, underdog to No. 8 Georgia | College Football

Cornerback Cyrus Jones said on Monday. "The fact that we're underdogs, I think it just gives us that more motivation to go out there and just kind of reclaim our reputation and how we want to be viewed by the rest of the league and the rest of the country."

Cyrus, as usual, is the one to say what most of us have been grumbling about: Perception is everything, and for some reason, Alabama is viewed as suspect. It's okay though; win this game, and Ole Miss is all-but forgotten.

Grading the quarterbacks: New 2015 starters get it done Saturday | Sporting News

Spoiler: The media doesn't too much care for Jacob Coker. And, while I'm not the greatest fan to ever walk the planet, to solely pile on Coker for the problems in Alabama's passing game is to ignore Alabama's offensive line issues and a wide receiving corps that couldn't catch a flu the past two weeks.

Now, for some good news.

Nick Saban offers positive update regarding 2 injured Alabama veterans |

Saban said Saturday that he expects Allen to play against Georgia this Saturday. Washington "should probably" be able to play against the Bulldogs as well, Saban said, after missing Alabama's first four games with a sprained knee.

Jabriel Washington's absence has been noticed a few times this season, particularly in coverage over the middle in obvious passing situations. No, he's not a star, but he is an all-purpose, solid dime safety and generally plays very well in the role that he's asked to perform with this team.

As for Allen, against a team that will run the ball nearly 70% of the time, the more bodies the better. Even though depth on the line isn't of particular concern, Alabama is entering a tremendously physical 5-game stretch that will define its season. He will be needed.

Bo Scarbrough's NCAA suspension over, Nick Saban says Alabama will find role for RB |

"He's been practicing, he's been cleared medically and his suspension is over," Saban said. "We're going to work hard to try to create a role for him. It may take some time to get him back in the groove of things, but that's certainly the plan."

I really hope that Bo can get a few touches in Athens. He is a versatile, physical specimen. For Alabama to have the identity that it wants to create, another fast, powerful back would be a definite asset.