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Run The Dang Ball, Lane: An RBR Haiku Contest

Three lines, seventeen syllables - give us your best shot.

In our continuing efforts to make ours a more fun corner of the internet, and fresh on the heels of Alabama's dominating win against Wisconsin, it's time to exercise the space between your ears, as we present:


The rules are very simple:

  1. Members of any SBN site can compete (so come strong, Alabama fans.)
  2. Profanity shall be exceedingly mild, if at all. For instance "damn" is acceptable in the context of the "Run the damn/dang ball, Lane" meme. #RTDBL. Let's not have an orgy of eff-bombs, okay?
  3. The haiku shall be limited to Alabama's offense and/or its dreamy offensive coordinator, Lane Kiffin. Player names are acceptable too; for, as we know, Derrick Henry and Kenyan Drake are a fantastic duo. 
  4. If you see one you like, recommend it and/or comment upon it. Your feedback shall play a part in, though not be dispositive in, helping to determine the winner. The RBR editorial board will ultimately decide in a three-person vote to prevent cries of favoritism and/or ruthless tyranny (although I'd make one hell of a benevolent dictator.)
  5. The contest ends in Sunday, Sept. 13th at Noon Central. Winner to be announced later that week.
  6. Per SBN rules, I am require to inform you that 1. there are rules to the contest (see, infra,) and 2. there shall be a prize under $100.00 of value (see below.)
  7. Haiku shall conform to standard 5-syllable, 7-syllable, 5-syllable convention, like so:

Run the damn ball, Lane. / Beautiful beasts will prevail / Just call the right play.

What's at stake? This beautiful, meme-tacular button made by an RBR reader, Jonathan Morgan

I own one, wore it yesterday, and it is as beautiful as you could imagine.

Good luck and get going.