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GameThread: Tonight We Are All Hokies (Again.)

You surely can't root for the Buckeyes after the eight months of crowing Urban Meyer has done, right?

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

One of the shockers of last season was watching the JT Barrett-led Buckeyes get eviscerated at home 35-21 by an otherwise-pedestrian Hokies offense. The game would be the highlight of VT's season, and the lone stain on the 2014 national champion Buckeyes' year.

Tonight, at 7:00 CDT, Ohio State makes the return road trip for a night game in Lane Stadium. Among the questions to be answered:

  • Can Ohio State play better on the road versus quality teams. Last season saw some fairly pedestrian results until the final four-game swing.
    Have the Buckeyes figured out how to work around the 4-6 bear scheme that rendered them hapless and helpless in the last meeting, or, do we expect VT to stay closer to its cover-four, hybrid 4-4 scheme?
  • Where will the Hokies get points as Scott Loeffler enters his third season in Blacksburg, having ruined two other offenses prior to this stop?
  • Who ya' got?