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SEC Power Poll: Week One

After a week of actual football, where does each team in the conference stand?

Kenyan Drake and Alabama were too much for the B1G Badgers
Kenyan Drake and Alabama were too much for the B1G Badgers
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

With Ohio State rolling over Virginia Tech Monday night, the opening weekend of the 2015 college football season officially came to a close.

There were many revealing moments this past weekend, and we will inevitably look back upon and laugh at the rampant overreactions from fans and media alike. One of the major themes from week one will be tough for the country to deny though: the SEC looked really good.

The conference as a whole went 12-1 this past weekend, with hapless Vanderbilt being the only team in the SEC to record a loss. It shouldn't be too hard to determine what spot the Commodores will rank in this week's composite power poll, which, as always, can be found over at Team Speed Kills.

1. Alabama. Another neutral site opener, another convincing win for the Crimson Tide. Derrick Henry has made all the little changes he needed in order to become a legitimate stud. The offensive line looks like they are ready to start mashing people again, and the defense is just nasty. Coker looked pretty strong too.

2. Georgia. The Dawgs took care of business the way a really good team should. It was great to see Keith Marshall out there running with authority. If they don't win the East this year it will be a bigger shocker than last year.

3. Ole Miss. I don't care who you are playing, scoring 76 points is impressive. It must have been encouraging for Rebels fans to see the team imposing their will on the ground for once.

4. Auburn. So much for that Jeremy Johnson for Heisman talk, huh? The defense definitely looks like a much better unit, as the Tiger pass rush could be nasty this year.

5. LSU. Kind of eerie that just after the 10th anniversary of Katrina, LSU has their first game of the season rained out. I'm still a believer in Les Miles with his back against the wall, and that's kind of the feeling I'm picking up from the Bayou Bengals this year.

6. Texas A&M. The Aggies look like National Title dark-horses after week one? Where have we heard this before?

7. Arkansas. If Brandon Allen and the passing game can click like they did on Saturday all season long, look out. It's going to be tough to stop this offense.

8. Tennessee. The Vols gashed Bowling Green all over the place and piled up points in bunches, but the defense was extremely disappointing. BGSU can put up points on almost anybody, but 30 points allowed is a bit much. Those injuries in the secondary could be a real concern.

9. Mississippi State. Outside of Dak Prescott, State looked pretty sluggish Saturday night against a bad Southern Miss team.

10. Missouri. As with State, there was nothing impressive about Mizzou's performance against a terrible team, but that hasn't stopped Gary Pinkel's squad from winning the SEC East before.

11. Florida. The Jim McElwain Era has already gotten off to a fantastic start simply by fielding an offense that looks like they've run plays in practice before. The Gators could be dangerous in the East.

12. South Carolina. I didn't really know what to expect out of Spurrier's bunch this season, but I wasn't very impressed by their performance last Thursday. The 'Cocks really should have lost that game. The defense does look much improved though.

13. Kentucky. The Wildcats almost had an epic collapse on Saturday, but that they were even in position to blow a huge lead against a quality opponent is a good thing.

14. Vanderbilt. I am so sorry, Vandy fans. No one deserves this. In all honesty though, the defense at least looks solid. The offense though? Woof.