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Alabama Vs. Clemson: Tale Of The (Social) Tape

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Data often tell how engaged people are regarding a certain topic. Like the spread between these two teams, social chatter has been very even as well.

Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

These are just neat charts to look at. For instance. in the run-up to the Heisman trophy, Deshaun Watson (not Derrick Henry was the one blowing up Twitter chat. Is this a function of Watson being so much more overwhelming nationally or was it a matter of trying to prevent inevitability?

Who knows.

Interestingly, despite some ebbs and flows, Dabo Swinney's name has inundated the Twitters about as much as Nick Saban.

On Facebook, the a similar trend holds -- with each fanbase engaged in articles or mentions about as much as the other fans.

One more contrast: How engaged are readers in the subject matter? Alabama clearly leads in number of eyeballs per article and sheer number of comments the stories generate. But if you look at the average (beside comments,) what Clemson fans are reading the articles are remaining highly engaged.

Posts         AVG Clicks    AVG Reach    conversion_rate    AVG    Comments
BAMA            201.00       2,278.22            82,199.08          53.74     42.52
CLEMSON    62.00         1,183.24            54,621.98          57.34      18.48

Does any of this mean anything? Likely not. But, there is some empirical validation here to the notion that the best way to get clicks is to mention Alabama or be facing the Tide; moreover, the trend continues to the narrative -- that is, those clicks drive the conversation.

All data here is courtesy of an advanced social metric and quantitative analysis firm, SocialFlow. I appreciate Mark White cobbling these data together for us, and hopefully y'all found it a little interesting, at least.