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Alabama Defeats Clemson In EA Sports Simulation

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Sports Gamers Online's simulation has spoken -- the Tide take it late.

If Alabama gets up 19-3, this won't be a one score game.
If Alabama gets up 19-3, this won't be a one score game.
Sports Gamers Online

From Sports Gamers Online:

The results are in, and the Alabama Crimson Tide will be this year’s College Football champions according to a simulation run by Sports Gamers Online utilizing EA Sports NCAA Football 14. Sports Gamers Online has published their latest video in their series of College Football bowl simulations. The simulations pit real teams with updated stats against each other according to the real world College Football bowls using NCAA Football 14 with updated rosters.

I have never gotten around to updating my rosters and stats on NCAA '14, so I'm grateful someone else did this for me. The video and writeup from SGO are very good -- they clearly know the game.

Alabama Defeats Clemson in CFP National Championship Simulation - Sports Gamers Online

Clemson gets off to a rough start turning the ball over early as Cyrus Jones makes a spectacular interception of a deep Deshaun Watson pass and returns it down to the 11 yard line. Jacob Coker takes advantage hitting Tight End O.J. Howard with a precise pass in tight coverage for a touchdown. Clemson answers with a solid drive that ends in a field goal but is surprisingly held to only 3 points going into the second quarter. In the second, Alabama scores on a field goal from the 30-yard line, bringing the score to 10-3.

Your video is below and you should Gump out to this one when you get a chance. Click the handy link above to read SGO's recap too (everyone needs that traffic, yo'!)