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Alabama National Champions "Sweet 16" Jumbo Package

ROLL TIDE!!! 16th National Championship!

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Alabama holds off Deshaun Watson, Clemson to win national championship

Frustrated again by a spread offense and a superstar dual-threat quarterback that kept Alabama on its heels most of the night, the Crimson Tide found a deep reserve of guts and guile in the fourth quarter at University of Phoenix Stadium, securing Alabama’s fourth championship in the last seven years.

Did you hear about this?

O.J. Howard keys Alabama's fourth title under Nick Saban

Howard had just 394 receiving yards all season entering play Monday night, with no touchdowns, but emerged as the catalyst Alabama's offense needed to overcome a ferocious Clemson pass rush. Howard is among a lengthy cast of Crimson Tide underclassmen who are considering early NFL draft entry. NFL Media analyst Daniel Jeremiah noted that Howard's skills will translate well to the next level. The deadline to file for early draft eligibility is Jan. 18.

Somebody's NFL stock just went up.

The real hero of Kenyan Drake's 95-yard kick return was the pylon cam

Drake’s return was impressive in itself, but guys. GUYS. THE VIEW FROM THE PYLON CAM.

That thing is pretty cool.

Alabama recovers surprise onside kick as Nick Saban gives devilish grin

Alabama recovers surprise onside kick as Nick Saban gives devilish grin By Chip Patterson | Staff Writer January 11, 2016 11:45 pm ET  After getting a field goal at the end of a good drive, instead of a touchdown, Alabama needed a big play to take control of what was then a 24-24 game. Nick Saban trusted his special teams to step up and called an onside kick, which was executed perfectly and set up an eventual O.J. Howard touchdown.

FINALLY, something goes our way.

The Best Ever?

Now that the Crimson Tide coach has won his fifth national championship, should he be considered the best college football coach of all time?

It's funny how this time last year, all the talking heads were saying Urban Meyer was the "best ever".

Nick Saban: Greatest coach in college football history

Scholarship limits, widespread TV exposure, huge budgets everywhere, more games, expanded conferences, hyper intense recruiting and an insatiable and rarely satisfied public fed by a 24/7 media cycle make everything tougher.

Yet standing at the top is Saban, who isn't young and isn't cool and isn't running a newfangled offense and isn't reinventing the game, but rather sticking with core beliefs strategically while falling back on the most traditional of values he learned in small-town West Virginia. Namely, the proof is in the proof.

Dan Wetzel seems convinced. So am I!

Here's why Nick Saban's coaching legacy is so impressive

Frankly, what he’s accomplished is much more difficult than the achievements of Bryant or any other earlier-era legend, none of whose teams had to play 15 games in a season or defend a modern spread offense.

Stewart Mandel's opinion... is pretty much the same.

Cigar smoke fills celebratory Alabama locker room after national title win

Interviews could wait. Jake Coker wanted a group photo and that cigar to light.

A little variation on the tradition after beating Tennessee. I'll allow it.

Why Lane Kiffin gets the last laugh: 'Can't imagine writing a better story'

In what surely will sound like The Most Lane Kiffin Thing Ever, Kiffin walked out of the University of Phoenix Stadium on Monday night only to see the team's four buses pulling away. Kiffin was in mid-sentence, talking about his relationship with Alabama QB Jake Coker — "My bus is leaving," Kiffin said. "That's not good."

It wasn't that long ago that we HATED this guy. Kiffin needs to name his next kid after Saban.

Kirby Smart reflects on final act at Alabama, how it'll help recruit to Georgia

"I'll take a lot of wisdom from Coach (Nick) Saban," Smart said. "I'll take a lot of wisdom from a great university and looking forward to going to a great university, which is also my alma mater. This is a special moment for me and my family. All my family's really known is Tuscaloosa. We've been there for nine years. I have kids that are 7 and 3, so it makes it a special place."

And what a great nine years it has been. Best of luck to Smart... except when he plays Bama.

Final AP Poll: 'Bama tops (duh!) but plenty of surprises in Top 25

This is the fifth time Alabama has won a national title without being ranked No. 1 during the regular season.

The final rankings after #1 and #2 might surprise you.

tiny football

What a great year it has been. We at RBR have enjoyed sharing it with you. We will allow you more than 24 hours to celebrate but catch our coverage of basketball, gymnastics, baseball, softball and more. Brent and CB will be revving up recruiting coverage with National Signing Day only three weeks away!