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UPDATED: Alabama Underclassman NFL Draft Announcement Open Thread

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The fate of many is known is known, yet many more questions remain.

The chances of THE'shawn staying are remote, to say the least.
The chances of THE'shawn staying are remote, to say the least.
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

ED. NOTE: Monday, midnight, is the deadline to declare should juniors wish to enter the NFL draft (assuming no agents have already entered the picture, thus forfeiting eligibility.)

Thus far, only A'Shawn and Henry have declared. I'll update the below chart as we know more.

Here's what we know for now.

Today at 2:00 CST, several Alabama juniors announce their pro intentions.

We already know, at least through "sources" or the players own words, what some of these guys are doing. Changes of heart exist, however, while several marquee players remain undecided (or at least have remained silent on the matter.)

Here's what we have so far, with draft projections if known. We'll update this and make it final during and after the press conference.

Hope for the best. Some of Coach Saban's hardest recruiting battles have taken place in his office already.

Player Returning NFL Draft Projected Round
Derrick Henry X 3
A'Shawn Robinson X 1
Ryan Anderson X 2-4
Jonathan Allen ???
??? 1
O.J. Howard Leaning 1-2
Eddie Jackson X 2-3
Reuben Foster ??? ??? 2-5
Dalvin Tomlinson ??? ??? 4-6
Tim Williams X 1-2