It'll be a great day for the New Joe. - Chris Graythen/Getty Images


Thanks to me, your benevolent leader, I have been able to secure a general block seating area for us at the game, so that we can attend en masse. Additionally, thanks to a solid from Stevee Moore in Ticketing, I was able to get us discounted group rates




$7 with code. (That week is also first responder week, so if any of you are a cop, paramedic, firefighter etc. you can get in free and your family can attend for just $3.)


Stevee Moore at 205-348-3592 or if you need some help, have seating questions, or if you want to pay by phone etc.

The A-Day game is also at 1:00 2:00 that day, with the baseball game to follow at 5:00 central. So, we should have a packed barbecue, baseball, and beer meetup. I am very much looking forward to it.

As the date gets closer, I'll post a map for you to find DCB (and everyone else!)

Roll Tide


[UPDATE: A-Day has been moved to 2 pm CT.]

Date: April 16, 2016

City: Tuscaloosa, AL

Location: Druid City Brewing

If you're not familiar: we started this thing last year. It's more or less just an excuse for good folks to get together and hang out, watch some baseball if you so choose. It's more or less the most chill tailgate you've ever seen. It was started last year by a couple of Alabama and Florida fans who just like having a good time. It's being hosted in Tuscaloosa this year for the Ole Miss- Bama baseball series, but THIS IS NOT AN ALABAMA FAN THING. Anyone, regardless of fandom, is welcome to join. The only requirement is to be cool, that's literally it.

It will be at Druid City Brewing, the home of Tuscaloosa's Unofficial Mayor: Bo Hicks (RBR's own chinesedentist). He's graciously offered to use his new, fancy smoker rig to smoke all the meat we can eat. And since it's at a brewery, there will be plenty of delicious craft beers available for purchase. Feel free to bring anything else you want to drink, side dishes, desserts, whatever.

There is the aforementioned Ole Miss-Bama baseball series that weekend. Alabama is debuting the newly-built Joe this season, so it's worth checking out.

Check your calendars. Make your arrangements. See you there.

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